Kayla Itsines' Latest Announcement Is Set To Revolutionise The Fitness Industry

Things are about to change for the BBG community with fitness Queen Kayla Itsines announcing yesterday that partner Tobi Pearce has launched new SWEAT platform.

The app aims to help women find a healthy routine by creating tailored training and nutritional plans. The program consists of three main trainers Kayla, Sjana Earp and Kelsey Wells to include strength training, bodyweight, yoga and post-pregnancy workouts all which can be done from your own home.

SURPRISE!!!! …..MY NEW WORKOUT PROGRAM BBG STRONGER IS NOW LIVE IN THE @SWEAT APP!! FINALLY – LEG PRESS, CABLES AND MORE… My brand new program, just like BBG, focuses on 28-minute resistance sessions 2-3 x per week, but is specially designed for those wanting to workout at the gym! #BBGstronger incorporates both gym-based equipment as well as free weights! From week 1 onwards I will take you on a journey where I slowly introduce you to gym equipment, allowing you to take your strength to another level. I want women to walk into the gym with CONFIDENCE. I'm going to teach women NOT to be afraid of weights, and instead use them to strengthen their bodies from the inside out! ? Together, SWEAT and I are on the same mission, to help women live a happier, healthier and more confident life! …. and that's not the only surprise sweat has for you….. check out @SWEAT for more!!! www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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The sweat app is broken into three main phases Body and Mind with Sjana Elise, BBG Stronger with Kayla and SELF Post-Pregnancy with Kelsey Wells. 

"I know a lot of BBG girls have been wanting this for a very long time, so HERE IT IS!!

I was a personal trainer in a gym for some years, training hundreds of people, but mostly women, helping them work towards reaching their health and fitness goals. I was always motivated and did my best to provide all my clients the best experience ever. After having a very traumatic experience in the gym with a friend of mine who is a mum, I became even more motivated to help people. I recognise nothing I could have done might have prevented what happened, but this was a traumatic and iconic moment in my life. My goal was always, and still is, to educate and empower women to live their healthiest life. I was always and still am very passionate, to empower ALL women, including mums just like my friend. After acknowledging a change that needed to occur in the fitness industry and meeting my partner @kayla_itsines who shared a similar vision, we went on our mission together to change the world of women’s fitness. Kayla's BBG program was successfully released in January 2014 and the BBG Community grew globally and quickly became the biggest female fitness community in the world. After a few years of travelling the world and meeting women in our community, I recognised a need for women to have flexibility and variety in their fitness regimes. Every women is different and at SWEAT, we don’t just recognise this – we celebrate it, and look forward to providing more flexibility and variety to women of the world. Variety is unequivocally a requirement in women's fitness regimes to maintain enjoyment. SWEAT is a place for women seeking education, inspiration and support for their health & fitness goals. We aim to provide the best in workouts, education & more. Women can now enjoy #bbg and #bbgstronger @kayla_itsines new gym based program, as well as post pregnancy workouts by @mysweatlife and yoga by @sjanaelise. I want to thank @kayla_itsines for supporting me not only in this journey but in everything we have done together. Thank you to Kelsey & Sjana for being open to my idea, trusting me and being amazing to work with. A huge thank you to my entire team at SWEAT for being so supportive LITERALLY 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. #sweat www.sweat.com/app

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Sweat is set to revolutionise fitness apps, it is the first of it’s kind to focus on exercise and nutrition. The app includes tailored meal plans, over 400 recipes, shopping lists and exercise routines all at the touch of a button. Users can also connect with the community and share and inspire one another.

As excited about this new app as we are? Try it here.

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