Study Reveals That Eating This Type Of Cheese Is The Key To Living Longer

Stop your whole damn day, because this is the most important thing you will read possibly ever.

A new study from Nature Medicine has suggested that eating cheese could be the secret to living longer. For real.

This is unbrieleavable! Truly incheddarble! (okay, Im done) but in all seriousness how damn fabulous is this news? Cheese, the delicious glue that holds your toasted sandwhich together, is not only scrumptious but could also help you stay alive. There has never been a more apt occasion to use #Blessed.

The study has claimed that spermidine, a compound found in aged cheese, is responsible for the benefits.


Researchers tested the effects of spermidine on mice and rats, finding it increased their average lifespan. Next, they surveyed 800 Italians about their diets, the ultimate cheesy source.

Those who reported higher intake of spermidine were found to have lower blood pressure and a 40% lower risk of heart failure. So basically eating cheese reduces the risk of high blood pressure or heart failure, which is great obvs! However, cheese is still high in fat so you probably shouldn’t just start drinking melted cheese like it’s H20.

Magical spermidine is also found in things like soy beans and whole grains, which are infinitely less delicious than cheese. So YOLO, happy cheese toastin!

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