Mel B Reveals The Eating And Exercise Regime That Helped Her Lose 16kgs

Mel B has been motivating mini-feminists since her Spice Girls days and now the Jenny Craig ambassador is inspiring us in the health and fitness field too.

In the last few years the mum-of-three has lost (and kept off) 16 kilograms through the program, so we wanted to find out exactly what motivates her to stick with it and whether she’s still fan of leopard print.

What’s the best health or fitness tip anyone has ever given you?

Well it really comes down to loving and respecting yourself. Once you get yourself there mentally, it’s easy to respect your body through healthy eating and exercise. Also, change things up and treat yourself on weekends so you don’t go crazy!

What’s your go-to workout or exercise when you’re short on time?

You can really give your core a good workout in as little as 15 minutes. I’ll just get down and work the abs really hard with a mix of sit-ups, planks and some exercises with the medicine ball.

What’s your most hated exercise and why?

I really want to love yoga, but I just love high intensity workouts way too much. The more I sweat the better! Yoga is a bit too slow for me.  But saying that, whilst doing Broadway I did a 60mins Bikram yoga class that not only prepared my body for the two and a half our broadway show, but also warmed up my vocal cords.

How have you found balancing fitness with being a mum of three? How do you fit it into your day?

It’s a balancing act that every working mother I know has to juggle and you don’t always get it right every week. All you can do is try. Having said that I’ve learnt to embrace early mornings. Once you get over getting up in the dark, you realise it’s a beautiful time when the kids are still in bed! I’ll smash out a workout before 7am and will then get on to my mum duties for the day.

What’s your best tip for other mum’s trying to start getting healthy?

I think the number one thing us mums have to remember is that we deserve time to ourselves! You’re going to be a better mum if you feel good about yourself, so take the time to pre-plan your meals and lock in times to exercise. It’s also good to have someone to give you a kick up the butt when you need it, I find my Jenny Craig consultant to be a big motivator and someone who keeps me on track when I’m feeling unmotivated.

What’s the best way to get motivated to work out?

I stay motivated by keeping my workouts interesting. If you hate what you’re doing, you’re never going to feel motivated so do what works for you and keep switching it up so it never gets boring. Just know seeing results takes time and it’s all about maintaining your workout routine whatever it is.

Can you describe your day on a plate?

I like to start the day with a fruit smoothie with coconut water and a bit of greek yoghurt to keep me going. I’ll usually have a simple salad packed with veggies for lunch and will make a nice protein rich meal for dinner. Right now I’m obsessed with spicy grilled chicken and pepper fajitas with lime and avocado salad.

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If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d like to say only Indian food but sometimes it gives me heartburn because of the spices, so I’m going to be realistic and say what I call Mel B’s killer army slop: ground turkey, a lot of chopped garlic and red onion, two tins of tomatoes, red and green peppers, sometimes a chilli pepper and a little bit of sweet corn – boom!

What health fads have you tried and hated?  

I’ve tried them all and hated them all! You can’t live off shakes and you can’t live without carbs. Food should be simple. These days I stick to a balanced, nutritious diet with occasional treats to keep me healthy and sane! I learnt all of these lessons from Jenny Craig and it’s what’s helped me lose the weight and keep it off!

What are the top five songs on your workout playlist?

Usher – No Limit

Prince – I Would Die For You

Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation

Scunk & Nancy – Just Because It Feels Good

Gold – Spandau Ballet

Do you still love a bit of leopard print?

I’ll always love leopard print! Even my daughters are the ones wearing it now. Funnily enough I just bought myself my first laptop and bought a leopard print case carrier.

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