This Hack Will Make Painting Your Nails SO Much Easier

If you haven’t had an accidental nail polish spill while applying your shade of choice, then you are straight-up super human.

For the rest of us, this new gadget is making painting our nails so much easier and ensuring that we never damage the floors, walls, carpet and clothing with our polish ever again. 

It’s called the tweexy. This silicone, wearable nail polish holder is placed on your fingers (much like a ring pop) and the nail polish is secured in the grippy tabs on top, eliminating the need to find a surface to place (and inevitably spill) your polish on. 

It also cuts back on rogue drips as it places the polish bottle in closer reach to your nails.


This bad boy fits fingers, and bottles, of all sizes and comes in a range of cute colours. You can pick one up at selected pharmacies for an RRP of $16.95. 

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