Ariana Grande Just Updated Her Signature Ponytail for the Holidays

Ariana Grande's signature high ponytail is no longer a solo act. As revealed in a six-part Instagram carousel from December 1, Ari's iconic high pony has now been joined by a chic, white bow. 

The first photo from Ari's post indicates that the bow was most likely created with a piece of fabric, given the fact that a big knot sits on the crown of the r.e.m. beauty founder's head. Her go-to hairstylist, Josh Liu, was responsible for dressing up her high pony with this elegant accessory. 

With the winter holidays officially underway, Ari's ponytail bow debut came at a good time. Styling your hair with a bow is one of the easiest and cutest ways to add something extra to your hair for the holidays. (Plus, if you've been really nice, it could be upcycled from one of your gifts.) In fact, Amy Abramite, a Chicago-based hairstylist and creative director at Maxine Salon, previously told Allure that adding a velvet bow to your hair for the holidays "hits the mark with its soft, plush accent." Regardless of the bow's texture, wearing a bow is also the perfect way to show your friends and family that your presence is absolutely a present. 

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Ari's not the only celebrity whose hair has been giving major winter holiday vibes lately. One of Katy Perry's recent Instagram posts shows the singer wearing hair tinsel, a euphemism for multi-colored strings that are interlaced throughout the singer's dark brown hair. We're not even done with the first week of December yet, and we've already been given two holiday hairstyles to add to our mood boards. At this rate, we'll probably have a dozen more to add by the end of next week. Celebs, keep the holiday hair coming.    

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