Wander Beauty Just Made It So Much Easier to Travel With Face Oil

The traveler's plight: dipping into your makeup bag (Where's that one-ounce cleanser?), only to find every last product coated in a gut-wrenchingly greasy film. There are few beauty woes as disheartening as discovering your face oil leaked sometime between packing and baggage claim. Luckily, Wander Beauty — a brand founded on the premise that sometimes you've gotta beautify on planes, trains, and automobiles — just dropped a face oil designed to ensure the aforementioned scenario goes the way of the landline.

The Glow Ahead Face Oil marks Wander's second foray into skin care, but the product's packaging is as smartly-designed as its color cosmetic predecessors (i.e. two-in-one contouring sticks, teeny-tiny shadow palettes, and Allure Best of Beauty-winning Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara).

Specifically, Glow Ahead boasts an airtight twist-off cap (no exploding in your bag), a dropper that applies just the right amount of product (no wasting the good stuff), and a slim, tubular design that leaves room in your case for the essentials (hello, bright, vacay-ready lipsticks). Unlike most face oils that live in glass jars, this one nestles in an opaque plastic tube, which not only nixes the possibility of shattered glass, but also shields the oil from sunlight and other external elements that can damage its integrity, explains Divya Gugnani, co-founder of Wander Beauty.

Clearly, Glow Ahead is one of the most transport-friendly face oils ever. Arguably, it's one of the most face-friendly oils, period. Take a peek at the ingredients, and you'll find not one, but many oils. "[Glow Ahead] doesn't just work in one direction," Gugnani explains. "One ingredient is not going to solve 20 problems. You have to cocktail [different] compounds." And cocktail it does. Star players include collagen-boosting raspberry seed oil, moisturizing castor seed oil, and antioxidant-heavy camellia japonica seed oil.

And more good stuff does not equal more greasiness. Rather, Glow Ahead is so lightweight, we're convinced it could convert even the most oil-averse into glow getters. Sensorially speaking, the stuff smells like a real, live rose garden (and who doesn't like fresh flowers?). Amazingly, said scent is 100 percent naturally fragranced. "One of the most irritating things for your skin is [artificial] fragrance," Gugnani explains. "It's evening primrose that gives the oil that really nice, beautiful scent."

The Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Face Oil launches July 24 for $48 at wanderbeauty.com. It's here just in time for a spontaneous, end-of-summer trip. Coincidence? We think not.

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