Gabrielle Union Just Showed Off Her Gorgeous Freckles in a Makeup-Free Selfie

Gabrielle Union just walked down the Toronto International Film Festival red carpet in support of her new film The Public, looking every bit of beautiful. But as she got ready for the appearance, Union paused to appreciate her makeup-free self and her seriously glow-y skin.

Union posted a selfie on Instagram in which she is, as she captions her photo, "showin some skiiiiiinnn." Aside from what looks like a bit of eyeliner carried all the way into the corners of her eye, her skin is beautifully bare. The actor's freckles and natural radiance are all out to play, and judging by the pose, Union is feeling herself.

Naturally, fans are blowing up her comments section with compliments. "You are all that @gabunion I swear ??Beautiful skin deep," one fan wrote. "Naturally beautiful Gaby," agreed another. One observant fan pointed out her "Freckles on deck!!", which we don't normally get to see when they're under layers of movie makeup.

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Union must have stopped mid-glam to take her selfie, because her makeup artist Janice Kinjo has a photo of the finished look. While Union's full face of makeup is gorgeous (and still fairly natural-looking), those freckles are covered up under foundation and contour. The eye look in progress from earlier is now a complete look, with top and bottom liner reaching into the inner corners of the eye, mascara, and subtle pink eye shadow.

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The Being Mary Jane star is clearly comfortable doing both full glam and keeping it low-key, but we especially love the version of Union that takes a moment to appreciate the moments before her final look is in place. After we go like this Instagram photo, we should all follow in her footsteps and remember to take selfies throughout the makeup process, not just those "after" shots.

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