Gabrielle Union Just Cut Her Hair Into a Short Bob for the First Time

Gabrielle Union has famously worn nearly every conceivable hair look, and now the beauty-chameleon actor just got a gorgeous new bob that marks a major milestone in her life: This is the first time Union's own hair has ever gotten a major chop.

Now, you may be thinking, Wait, I've seen her with a bob before. And you're right — this isn't the first time Union has sported the style. Her go-to hairstylist Larry Sims gave her weave a chin-grazing bob last year. And apparently, she must have adored the look as much as we did because she decided to take the plunge and cut her natural hair in a similar style.

Though she's been wary about making a major change to her own hair, she couldn't be more thrilled with the bold decision. Union posted a video on Instagram saying she was "crazy" for the new look, executed by Sims once gain. "1st time I've EVER significantly cut my OWN hair in my life and I LOVE IT!!!" she captioned the post. "Not a wig or a weave… wanted something new and different so I did the damn thing and you cant tell me nada ??????" Her joy is palpable from the video, in which she totally rocks out, playing an air guitar and head-banging to show off the straightened bob's movement.

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Union's relationship with her natural hair has evolved over time. She told Allure in February that early in her career, she noticed that "women who were booking jobs had beautiful weaves that were long" and so she followed suit in order to help her own career. "It reinforced this idea that the closer I get to a Eurocentric beauty ideal, the more I will be rewarded." Now Union happily switches between her natural hair and a wig or weave, and she even created her own natural hair-care line, Flawless, in large part because she found that hairstylists in Hollywood rarely had the right products or knew the right techniques to work on her hair.

“If you have embraced natural hair, that is amazing. If you love to rock weaves and wigs and extensions, that is amazing, too," Union told Allure in February. "No matter what part of the journey you’re on, I’m giving you a high-five. Zero judgment. If I had a daughter, I would teach her that. I’d teach her to be proud of her hair. To enjoy it. Do your thing, boo. I got you. Just be healthy.”

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