Rihanna Just Chopped Her Hair Into a Brand-New Bob for Summer

In today's critically important beauty news: RIHANNA HAS A BOB.

The Fenty Beauty mogul hopped on this summer's trend of "short hair, don't care" and chopped off her hair. She posted a story to Instagram fluffing a textured, angled bob, and it's good.

Instead of a blunt bob, Rihanna opted for an asymmetrical cut, which gave her more length in the back, while the front pieces hit an inch above her chin. She parted the look on the side for added volume. Leave it to Rihanna to add an entirely new twist to a style that's been flooding our feeds all summer long.

In the shot, she's also showing off one of the new looks from her Savage x Fenty line — a candy-apple-red bra. She paired it with some purple cat-eye sunglasses to complete the look, perfect for end-of-July heat.

In fairness, RiRi changes up her hair almost as frequently as she changes her heels, though for the past few months she's been wearing it long. Historically, she's experimented with almost every shade of the rainbow, including blue, blonde, and gray, and has worn long hair to her waist, as well as shaved her head. Most recently, she was spotted in a lace-front blonde wig.

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This season, "short hair" has pretty much become synonymous with "summer beauty." Stars, including Jessica Chastain, Emma Roberts, and Lucy Hale, have all made the chop. Hell, even earlier this week Alicia Keys cut it all off, debuting a '90s-inspired pixie cut that rendered her almost unrecognizable.

If you're having "Wild Thoughts" about re-creating the look for yourself, there's an easy way to see if your hair is ready for an attempt. "At home, you can do a test with a gentle pull of your top layer, seeing if it reaches your chin. If it doesn't, your top should grow a bit more before attempting this cut," says New York City-based salon owner Paul Labrecque tells Allure. "The stylist should look at your hair and be able tell if your top layer is long enough to pull off this style, even if your hair is wavy."

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