6 Quirky Fitness Trends To Try By the End of The Year

Flow After Dark

If you’re yet to try the workout that’s making headlines across the country, now it the time as Flow After Dark is coming to Sydney for the first time of 2017 on May 30th. It will be the biggest event of its kind in the world with around 1000 yogis all practicing at the same time.

Flow After Dark consists of a 90 minute vinyasa style yoga class taken by Australia’s #1 yoga instructor (yes I am a bit biased but I truly believe it) Kate Kendall and accompanied by DJ James Mack who will be on the decks. Guests wear noise cancelling headphones which will allows yogis to really connect with Kate and the music for the most zen night out yet.

Kate is passionate about making yoga approachable, light hearted and fun. The connection and vibe that her classes seem to project is really incredible and definitely an experience to try if you haven’t already.

FHIT With Loz

This is a workout created by the incredible Lauren Hannaford who is a former elite gymnast for Australia turned PT. She also just married the love of her life Simon Pryce who she met while touring with The Wiggles (Simon is the Red Wiggle).

FHIT, which stands for Functional High Intensity Interval Training, is Lauren’s signature style of high intensity training that is gymnastics inspired and can be done anywhere, anytime. It came about from when she was on tour with The Wiggles and had to make use of carparks, hotel rooms and the tour bus to get her workouts done.

Her workouts are designed to work on strength, mobility, cardio and core. It is certainly a tough workout but it’s also a lot of fun and definitely worth the hurt! When I went to try it out she said the ‘a gymnastics warm up is like a normal persons workout’ and let me tell you, she wasn’t wrong!

Barre Attack

We have a number of different types of Barre instructors who work out of Flow Athletic and one of the styles that I few of them teach is Barre Attack which is a low impact but high intensity workout, many people would be surprised by how tough it is. 

Barre Attack is a full body workout that combines standing Pilates work with short cardio intervals and dance moves from Ballet class. It is a good workout because it gets your heart rate up without high impact exercises so its great for people with any sore joints (knee, hip etc.). It’s also a great workout for women going through pregnancy.

Crew Row

For those who love a 30-45 minute HIIT workout that is a little more athlete specific, Crew Row is an awesome workout that partners High Intensity Interval Training on a water rower with additional exercises that focus on toning, sculpting and strengthening the body.

Combining these movements is designed to help increase muscular strength and endurance while making the workout both fun and effective.

Rowing is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, so this unique circuit class will keep your heart rate burning which placing minimal impact on your body and joints. It also works everything from your arms, legs, back, glutes and core

Nightclub Spin

I absolutely love spin class and I have tried and tested them all over the world on my travels. Therefore I would have to say how happy I am that there are now so many variations of spin coming out to freshen it up and keep it exciting. From Karaoke Spin, to hot spin, spin with hand weights and now Nightclub Spin, which is a workout that we have created at Flow Athletic.

The idea is that we set up bikes at Home Nightclub in Darling Harbour and we bring the class to life with flashing lights, a DJ, a smoke machine and of course a fun and tough spin class to get your heart rate and endorphins firing

The next events are taking place on the 10th and 11th of May.

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Pole Dancing

Ok, I’m not trying to be a creep with this one. I’m putting this one in here because we often include a Pole Dancing workshop into our 30 Days Clean event calendar (organised by one of our yogis Jesso) and my team and members love it! For starters it provides a great stretch as you have to do a bunch of exercises to help you prepare for the session and it is also a super tough work workout that will have you seeing results in no time.

While you probably won’t find me at a class anytime soon, I can definitely see the benefits of this workout, not only for the physical benefits, but for its challenge and the fun you will have doing it.

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