How This Former Ballerina Is Revolutionizing Home Workouts

“I spent my teens and early 20s as a professional ballerina, dancing with companies in New York City and Montreal. After retiring in 2008, I went into the boutique fitness field. At first, the only space I could afford was a 500-square-foot room in a church, which meant there was no room for traditional equipment. I had to figure out: What can you do in a small footprint that gives people the benefit of a total gym? I came up with a high-intensity circuit that toned the full body. When I brought in mirrors, people loved them. They found the visual feedback inspiring and also helpful in keeping their form correct.

Fast-forward to 2016, which found me running three fitness studios across New York City. Getting to my own workouts was hard, especially because I was pregnant at the time. Biking or running on a treadmill in my apartment just didn’t appeal. I tried workout apps, but they weren’t immersive enough to hold my interest.

I started thinking how I could bring that small studio experience into my home…and thought back to the mirrors I’d put in that church years ago. I came up with Mirror, an interactive home gym that hangs on your wall.

In the early days, when I didn’t have a physical prototype, people couldn’t understand what the experience would be like. Then once it was made and they could experience it, I heard, ‘I can’t believe I didn’t think of this!’

Variety’s a key component of a good workout, so Mirror users can choose from live and on-demand classes in cardio, strength, yoga, barre, boxing, HIIT, and more… without leaving their home. I’ve heard from parents who say that for years they’ve struggled to find time to get out of their house and work out—and then felt guilty once they did. Being able to work out at home isn’t just a solution for them, but helps their whole family.

Many wellness-based goals are focused on future rewards—like making you stronger one day. Or thinner. Or healthier. That makes it really challenging to be successful. If you enjoy the experience now, future rewards will come. So that’s another mental shift I’m hoping Mirror will bring. Many people look in their mirror at home and spend time criticizing their body. I want this to help them celebrate what they’re capable of.”

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