Why Self-Care Is Important

Those focused on fitness know the importance of taking a holistic approach to being healthy overall. This means not only focusing on the workout part, but also the diet you choose to follow. Unfortunately, most workout regimes stop there, and no attention is given to self-care.

Self-care includes multiple components such as workout, nutrition, and recovery. And since ample focus has already been given to the first two components, now it’s time to focus on the recovery. Top trainers suggest the following as great ways to recover after an intensive workout.

Warming up before each workout routine is essential when trying to own a healthy, strong physique

Breathing Exercises

According to Matt Delaney,  the innovation coordinator at Equinox, the best breathing exercise to do in between workouts to relax is the 4-7-8. This means that you should breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and then exhale slowly for 8 seconds. Matt says this not only reduces stress but also helps him regulate his parasympathetic nervous system.

Warming up, Cooling Down, Hydration

It is always a good practice to warm up before any workout, that’s for sure. But did you know that cooling down is equally important? Michelle Lovitt, a California-based trainer, endorses the idea. According to her, there are three things you must do around your workout…

The first is warming up before each workout routine, which could be running on the treadmill, cycling or any other exercise that does not involve weights. After the workout, you should cool down by stretching out your muscles to release some of the tension that has built up. Finally, drink lots of water, at least two glasses, to stay hydrated. Following these steps would ensure that you don’t feel drained after your workout and leave the gym feeling refreshed and energetic.

Don’t Use Instagram

Holly Perkins, who is a CSCS and fitness coach, emphasizes that it is of great importance that people who workout focus entirely on the workout and not on anything else. A recent trend which she has noticed is the excessive use of social media by people at the gym, which, according to her, is not healthy and diminishes the quality of the workout as it drains the mind of energy which could otherwise be channeled to the workout. She strongly advises to not use your mobile devices at the gym at least during your workout, as that would improve the quality of your workout by a great margin.

Try to wear clothing that you know you will be conformable in whenever you go to a public place to exercise

Wear the Right Clothing

The overwhelming advice is to wear clothing that is the right fit for you when you go to a public place to work out, such as the gym. According to Raymer, because if you are feeling conscious about the way you look, you won’t be able to fully focus on your workout. Hence, wear clothing that is the right fit, is not too thin, and is comfortable.

Write a Journal

This is entirely for the health of your mind, which is equally as important as the health of your body. Emily Abbate, who is a certified ACE trainer, recommends that, for proper health of the mind, writing a journal every morning, listing down three things you are grateful for and that have happened to you in the past, helps relax the mind and imparts a very positive vibe in a person.

She also recommends that you read a passage from a motivational book, even if it’s a quote. According to her, that passage would give you immense positive energy to carry out your tasks of the day with great ease.

Keeping yourself and house organized is key to living a healthy lifestyle

Organize Yourself

The overwhelming advice is to keep your house, your workplace, and your training place separate. However, that is not necessary, and especially with the changing dynamics of how home-based work is becoming increasingly popular, it is not practical as well. Instead, here is what experts recommend: keep your living space, work space, and exercise space, orderly. That’s all what’s required to offer you a healthy space to perform well.

Orderly means keeping these places neat and tidy, free from clutter, and organized, which would translate to not only keeping your mind at peace, but also is a healthier, cleaner environment for your body to develop.

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