Ginger tea helps against colds, but a mistake does not negate the effect – Video

Ginger is a true wonder of the weapon against the common cold. Active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Magnesium, and iron to combat viruses and bacteria. A hot ginger tea is also a perfect cold killer.

Because the contained sharp substances, warm the body from the Inside. The preparation is easy and fast. You boiled water only. Meanwhile, cut the fennel in thin slices. Crucial: do not Peel the ginger! Because of the valuable vitamins and anti-inflammatory substances to sit under the shell. At best, the organic version is suitable for it, because it is less burdened with pesticides.

With ginger tea against the cold

The ginger pieces into a Cup with the hot water, and pour. The tea afterwards for several minutes. Then the ginger pieces with honey and lemon to taste.

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