More sugar in the salad than in the cake: If food be the case for Sugar – Video

Because of less sweet! Ökotest took now 22, supposedly hearty and low-calorie foods under the microscope. Not just yogurt and granola turned out to be sugar to fall, even in the salad he’s hiding.

Huge amounts of sugar are not processed only in sweets. Also hearty and supposedly low-calorie food can turn out to be a true sugar to fall. Ökotest took now 22 products under the microscope and certain of their sugar content in Cubes.

The results are alarming. Particularly reduced-fat foods often have increased Sugar content and calories are not poorer than the full-fat versions.

Sugar, even in supposedly healthy foods

For example, the 500 gram Pack of Kölln “muesli Crunchy yogurt raspberry 30 % less fat” contains an impressive array of 35 pieces cubes of sugar – so seven pieces per 100 grams.

A 400 gram package of Deli Popp “Colorful salad” contains 19 pieces of sugar cubes. Thus, the proportion of Sugar is 100 grams of almost five Dice, and is thus higher than in the case of a Danube river wave from the freezer shelf.

Also in the 460-gram four-pack of the Danone “Activia cereals, 1.5 % fat” are about 19 pieces of sugar cubes, 100 grams, so just under 4 cubes. For comparison: A 0.33-litre can of Cola contains a total of only twelve.

The German society for nutrition recommends a maximum upper limit of 50 grams a day, the equivalent of about ten teaspoons, or 17 pieces of sugar cubes. The average German does not exceed this limit by more than 25 percent.

Sugar has many names: On the list of ingredients he’s hiding behind glucose-fructose syrup, Dextrose, fruit juice concentrate and juice.