Ökotest checked out Vitamin D pills: Every second product falls through completely – Video

In the dark half of the year, many people engage preventively to the “sunshine hormone” Vitamin D. people who take self-directed permanently to high doses, is a risk, however, damage to your health. Ökotest warns that many of the examine are dosed products.

Ökotest tested 21 Vitamin D supplements. Including five recipe medicines from the pharmacy, and 16 dietary supplements there are to buy in drugstores and supermarkets. The result: only four of the medium-cut with a score of “very good”.

Usually high doses

All of the five tested medicinal products are recommended according to the “Ökotest”. Among the “very good” preparations, the manufacturer Mibe, Merck, and Hexal.

As a dietary Supplement products sold cut, however, is particularly bad. Ten of the tested specimens by fall with test scores of “poor” and “Unsatisfactory”. Six a “Satisfactory received”.

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The testers found that eight of the products contained increased or greatly increased Vitamin D dosage. For their assessment they were based on the guidelines of the Federal Institute for risk assessment.

The daily dose should not be more than 20 micrograms. Four of the specimens exceeded this value with 24 micro grams. With each of 42.5 micrograms of the products of the brands double heart and Tetesept, however, were much to high doses.

Natural Vitamin D Sources

According Ökotest medicinal Vitamin D diseases-preparations for the prevention of Deficiency or for the treatment of osteoporosis suitable. A deficiency of the sun vitamin, can be prevented but also by natural products. Salmon, Butter, egg yolk, or mushrooms that contain it. The body produces Vitamin D itself – and then, when the sun touches your skin.

Basically, you should take vitamin supplements only on the recommendation of a physician. Because too much Vitamin D can damage the health even. An Overdose can lead to kidney damage.

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