This Photo Proves Exactly How NOT to Self-Tan Your Feet

If there's one beauty product that can genuinely save lives, it's self-tanner. (OK, and sunscreen.) We all know that a bronzed glow is much better faked than earned naturally, as UV exposure can result in all sorts of bad things, including sun damage, dark spots, and skin cancer. But for all the good self-tanner can do in making sunbathers avoid the real thing, it's also remarkably easy to mess up. And it's even easier to mess up when you wake up at 5 a.m.

That's what happened to one fan of Jules Von Hep, the founder of Isle of Paradise Self Tanner. Von Hep shared a photo to Instagram of a suspiciously tan foot sprouting out from a very, well, not tanned ankle. It looks like someone accidentally stepped into a tray of self-tanner. In fact, the real story is even funnier.

As the culprit writes: "I was using a sock as a temp tanning mit and forgot and put that one on at 5 AM going the gym…"

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Apparently, it turns out that leftover self-tanner + socks + sweaty feet looks more like a tanner explosion than a bronzed, natural glow. Luckily, this resourceful soul also had Von Hep's Isle of Tan Tan Eraser on hand. It's a glycolic acid-infused micellar water that's designed to exfoliate skin and remove self-tanner mishaps in the process. It's a much better option than Windex, we'll say that much.

The lesson here is obvious: Never go the gym at 5 a.m. (kidding). But also, maybe learn how to remove self-tanner streaks.

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