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It’s no secret that eating fruits and veggies can have a powerful (and positive) impact on health. But, what about meat, dairy, bread products, and other types of food? As it turns out, there is a lot of confusion regarding foods that are healthy and unhealthy. And while some aren’t as bad as you think, there are some that can lead to complications in vital organs among other detrimental occurrences. Curious to know what foods to avoid? We share the worst foods for your health, ahead.

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Worst foods for your health

Diet is not just important to weight loss, it’s important to health, too. And, with so many vital nutrients, fruits and vegetables are at the top of the list when it comes to the best foods for your health. But, what about the worst foods for your health? Unfortunately, the below foods should be avoided as much as possible — especially since many of them can lead to heart complications, among other health problems.


We hate to be the bearer of bad news but, commercially prepared pizza is one of the worst foods for your health. Often times, pizza places like Domino’s and Papa John’s use processed meat and cheese, highly refined flour, and sugar-filled tomato sauce. And while all of the above might taste incredible, these ingredients can have a last impact on your health — and not in a good way. If you must have pizza, consider making it from scratch at home with healthful ingredients.

Sugary drinks

Added sugar is a big problem in the American diet. And, unfortunately, it can lead to a host of health problems. One of the biggest culprits of added sugar? Beverages. Be careful when consuming things like soda, juice, and other sugar-filled drinks, as they can spike blood sugar levels and overtime impact the health negatively.

White bread

White bread should also be avoided. As one of the worst foods for your health, white bread is often made from refined wheat. Not only is refined wheat low in nutrients, but it can also spike blood sugar levels, too. In addition, those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can experience adverse reactions to wheat-based bread.


Margarine might make a great butter alternative, but it’s not exactly good for your health. Not only is margarine highly processed, but it also contains trans fats. And, the label is not always truthful. Companies do not have to disclose trans fat on the label, so long as it contains less than 0.5 grams per serving.

French fries

If we didn’t break your hearts with the truth about pizza, we’re about to with french fries. Because most french fries are fried in oils — which are often high in saturated fat — they are one of the worst foods for your health. On top of that, they can sometimes contain carcinogens, acrylamides, and other substances that form when fried.

Agave nectar

Looking for a sweetener alternative? Agave nectar might be your first and most healthful pick. Not so fast! As it turns out, the sweet alternative is actually one of the worst foods for your health. Contrary to popular belief, agave nectar is incredibly high in fructose and is also refined. For a better sugar alternative, consider Stevia.

Processed meat and cheese

By now it should come of no surprise that processed foods are extremely bad for your health. And, unfortunately, processed meat and cheese is no different. While regular cheese contains essential vitamins and minerals, processed cheese is stripped of nutrients. And, processed meat can lead to countless health concerns, including high blood pressure, heart disease, colon cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

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