Exclusive: Drew Barrymore Reveals Flower Beauty's Brand-New $15 Highlighter-Serum Hybrid

It's been seven years since Drew Barrymore launched Flower Beauty, and she's spent that time slowly but surely building herself a beauty empire. She's expanded from Walmart to Ulta stores, partnered with YouTube beauty greats like NikkieTutorials, and created my personal favorite affordable highlighter stick. Now, she's moving into the next frontier for any beauty brand — skin care. Well, almost.

Barrymore herself doesn't quite know how to categorize her latest launch. "It's a classic beauty product, but I don't know how to classify it," she tells Allure. "Is it skin care? Is it makeup?" Thus is the nature of Flower Beauty Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir, a part-serum, part-oil, part-highlighter, and part-primer potion. It's bottled like a serum with an especially rich, non-greasy texture, and a slight botanical scent (this is Flower Beauty, after all). It's formulated with skin-friendly ingredients like jojoba, lavender oil, and eggplant extract. But that's where the comparisons to skin care stop, because what this product really does is shimmer.

Zoom in on the product photos, and you'll start to get an idea of the elixir's "hydrating, beautiful, galactic glow," as Barrymore describes it. "It's this new sheen that I've never, ever had with any other product."

The blurred (and glittery) line between skin care and makeup also means Barrymore has found multiple ways to wear it. "You can do either bare skin or over makeup," she says. The idea for an efficient, anything-goes product came from her own experience vacillating between 18-hour days in full on-set makeup and off days enjoying a bare face. "Sometimes when I love the effect of something, I don't love how my makeup functions on top of it," she explains. "But sometimes without the makeup, I'm not necessarily getting the effect I want. With this, I love it on bare skin with nothing, bare skin with a little concealer and spot treatment, or even with full foundation."

Flower Beauty has been around for seven years, and this marks the brand's first move into kinda-sorta skin care. That's Barrymore's decision — she's a skin-care enthusiast, not just a celebrity figurehead lending her image to the brand. But she's going for "slow and steady" with Flower Beauty, she says, which means that more skin-care products may be coming down the line. "Not until now have I had the knowledge and empowerment that I would want to go into the skin-care game with," she explains. But the more time she spent in the lab, the more excited she got about developing Supernova.

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"This for me is a stellar entry and foray into bridging us into the world of skin care," she says of the elixir. "Every few years you come across some formulation at some lab, and you're just blown away by it and it changes your life and how you do things. This, for me, was one of those game changers."

Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir is also the most expensive product the brand has ever put out — and it's still only $15.99. "As far as the quality and formulation of the product for us [goes, this] is really a first," she explains.

For now, Barrymore just wants Flower fans to try the product she describes as her "new AmEx card." She reveals, "I never don't have it in my makeup bag — I feel naked without it because I've gotten used to this glowy, dewy, sheeny shine." Now that the product is out and available for sale, maybe we can all decide once and for all whether it's skin care, makeup, or some galactic alien combination of both.

You can pick up Flower Beauty Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir in Ulta stores and on Ulta.com right now.

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