Working from home? Don’t forget to watch your weight

Somewhere, this work-from-home situation is making people lazy by restricting them to their home space.

It is one thing to skip exercises for a day and give your body some rest, and another thing to avoid any kind of movement at all. As the novel coronavirus makes its way around the world, governments issue guidelines asking offices to make it compulsory for employees to work remotely. Now, this work-from-home situation is both a boon and a curse. Boon, because it saves people a lot of time — time that they would have otherwise spent in travelling, and curse, because it is, somewhere, making people lazy by restricting them to their home space.

When this is all over, when the restrictions will be lifted and the world will have some answers as to how to better fight the deadly virus, one of these two things will likely happen: one, you will leave your house looking more refreshed and relaxed than ever, or two, you will emerge with a few extra kilos. Now, here are some ways you can best avoid the latter scenario; read on.

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Find an indoor activity that you enjoy

Between work, or when you are done for the day, engage in a physical activity that you genuinely enjoy. It could be yoga to help you get more mindful, or dancing. It is okay if you are not outside, walking to the bus stop; as long as you do something that you enjoy, you are helping your body. You do not have to necessarily focus on the end result; the key is to not make fitness seem like a chore.

Clock in adequate sleep hours

Just because you are working from home, does not mean you are at liberty to mess with your sleep cycle. It is important to understand that your physical health depends a lot on how many hours of sleep you clock in every night. If you do not wish to gain unnecessary weight, sleep and wake up on time, like you do on regular days, and be disciplined about it. Especially when you are working from home, you need a designated sleep space and time.

Be mindful of what you eat

It is also essential that you eat healthy meals, and on time. Most people have the tendency to get carried away, simply because they don’t feel the pressure to get ready and head out every day. So, they may feel that occasional diet cheats are okay. But, these occasional indulgences can become regular, making you gain weight. One way to eat healthy, is to stock your fridge with healthy snacks only, so whenever you feel hungry, you take a mouthful of nutritious food.

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Plan your workouts

Plan your day the moment you wake up in the morning, so you know what your daily goal is. Accordingly you can squeeze in your workout hours. Some people like to engage in a physical activity the first thing in the morning, before they sit down for work. Others like to do it post work; to each their own. Find your time and stick to the schedule.

Have a designated workout area

Inside your house, have a designated space that can act as your workout area. This is, so you know that once you are done with the other more pressing tasks, you are free to begin a workout session.

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