New hope: Corona vaccine in the autumn?

“In case of a positive course, we could start approximately in early summer, with clinical Tests,” said SAP founder and patron of the football Bundesliga club Hoffenheim, the ‘image’-Zeitung.

Because the pressure is extremely high, it should go with the approval by the authorities faster than in other cases. “We are in the position to deliver the vaccine in the fall,” said Hopp.

At the weekend there had been reports that the US wanted exclusive rights on a vaccine against the Coronavirus of CureVac purchase.

The Company, however, had not said, we have an exclusive contract with the USA for a Corona vaccine for CureVac in question.

Since January, the pharmaceutical company is researching a vaccine against the novel Coronavirus. The EU wants to support the company in the development of up to 80 million euros.

Hopp added in the Interview, a vaccine could be as a preventive measure to protect the Healthy. “If, for example, the Corona of a pandemic should occur in the next Winter again reinforces what some experts fear.”

The sick could not be cured, of course. Its around 14 years, investments made in the company Hopp founded, he is fascinated that the man could fight his disease with the body’s own resources, without the use of chemicals.

The Coronavirus is a very topical issue.

“The CureVac researchers are, however, also a long time to have success in developing a vaccine against rabies, and this experience should be useful for the development of a Corona vaccine.”

The 79-Year-old would cease to be happy if the against him of hatred in the Bundesliga stadiums.

On the question of whether the struggle with CuraVac against the Coronavirus could stop the part of criminal attacks on him, he said: “This is in no way my Motivation. But of course it would be a very nice side effect. I’ve never made a secret of the fact, how easy it is for me these attacks are a burden.”

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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