Hanging Breasts: 4 Tricks, with which you can force to trick the hard

The Breasts with the years lose their clamping force, is completely normal. Sagging Breasts can be stimulated by various factors: First of all, the breast is aging the tissue much faster than the Rest of the body – two to three times as fast!

Added to this are pregnancies, breast-feeding, and of course the age, ensure that the collagen fibers lose under the skin its elasticity increasingly. Also, the genetic predisposition contributes to flaccid Breasts.

Nevertheless, there are several tips to avoid sagging Breasts, and the fabric is tight when you are being followed.

1. Diets to avoid

Who wants to pay attention to be the breast tissue, should refrain from extreme diets. Because if you lose a lot of weight in the shortest amount of time, or to acquire (through the common yo-yo effect after a Crash diet), and the strain to the connective tissue.

The result is that It droops faster and the Breasts begin to SAG.

2. Non-Smoking

That Smoking is harmful to health, is no secret. This also means that the Smoking makes the skin age faster because it compromises the blood supply.

The consequences: The skin becomes weaker, loses its elasticity and becomes wrinkled. This of course also affects the breast.

3. Protect from UV rays

While sunbathing, we should always make sure, the cleavage and, where appropriate, the breast (for all the followers of the free body culture) well protect it with sunscreen from the harmful UV rays.

This makes the skin age faster and, therefore, SAG and thus even the Breasts.

4. To wear the bra

The stronger the breast bobbing up and down, the more the skin is affected. The collagen fibers are loaded, sagging skin is the result.

For this reason, it is recommended to wear a well-fitting bra that gives the Breasts plenty of support. This is true in everyday life, but especially in sports.

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