Expert opinion: How important is Vitamin D for your health

The Big Business of Supplements rolls – 2017 was in German pharmacies Vitamin D for 177 million euros over the counter.

The sunshine vitamin with hormone-like effect is mainly due to UV-radiation formed just 20 percent, we cover food, such as fatty fish like herring, egg yolks, Avocado.

Vitamin D is considered to be a miracle weapon against cancer, depression, cardiovascular disease and Diabetes. However, the current results of one of the largest studies on the topic, the American VITAL study show that Vitamin D does not prevent cancer or cardiovascular disease.

The fact is: We need this Vitamin for healthy bone and muscle functions that true Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for the development of osteoporosis and rickets.

The German nutrition society (DGE) recommends a blood level of 20 nanograms/Milliliter, values below 12.5 nanograms/millilitre show a deficiency.

But: only two percent of adults suffer from according to statistics from the Robert Koch-Institute. The Stiftung Warentest advises you not to swallow the preventive high-dose preparations with side effects such as artery calcification.

We have spoken with the medical Director of the Max-Grundig clinic near Baden-Baden, and Professor at the University of Heidelberg, prof Dr Curt Diehm,.

He advises: “They should have the Vitamin D levels in the blood to predict at least control”. The costs (about 25 Euro), however, accepts the health insurance.

What happens when the Vitamin D level drops in the Winter?

“It’s people not a bad one, just because your Vitamin D level is too low. This is evidenced by any study,“ says Diehm. “In rare cases, General symptoms such as fatigue, lack of drive, and sleep disturbances.”

At risk are the chronically Ill, people over 65, people with dark skin, Veiled, and infants.

You can fill the Vitamin D in the summer as a precaution?

“There is a well-functioning mechanism: In the summer sun, the Vitamin D-memory fill up so far that the stock ranges throughout the Winter,” says the expert.

For this it is sufficient, face, back of the hand and to keep under arms in the summer, every day from ten to fifteen minutes unprotected in the sun.

Caution: “The ideal exposure time will depend on solar intensity, latitude, and skin color.”

Short units on the Sunny Bank, and in the Winter make sense?

“No. There is the Federal office for radiation protection (BfS), a clear recommendation, which is advised against strongly by a strong, physician-controlled UV-irradiation for the purpose of the Vitamin D formation.

The skin cancer risk is much too high. For children and young people sun are forbidden to banks.”

Anke Sörensen

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