5 tips you need to follow to keep your bladder healthy

November is marked as Bladder Health Month to raise awareness about the organ. The bladder is a hollow organ that holds urine from the kidneys. Certain conditions can affect your bladder and cause painful urination or urine leakage. But with the help of simple lifestyle changes and exercises, you can ensure that your bladder is fine. Here are certain items to eat and habits to keep your bladder healthy:

* Ensure you urinate completely: Urinating completely can ensure that women don’t face urinary tract infections or bladder issues. Tightening the muscles to stop urinating too soon can cause the urine to head back to the bladder, which can bring bacteria into your system. Similarly, while using unclean toilet seats outside your home may be a problem, women should avoid hovering over the toilet seat and sit properly for the muscles to relax.

* Cut down on caffeine and alcohol: Having too much coffee or drinking can upset your bladder. It’s best to limit your intake of coffee, tea or colas to prevent excess bladder activity and potential leakage.

* Eat right: Certain foods are known to worsen bladder issues. So, it’s best to avoid foods like chocolate (a source of caffeine), as well as spicy food and tomatoes.

* Stop smoking: Smoking can cause bladder cancer. So, if you want to ensure your bladder health, cut down on tobacco.

* Go for a walk: If you are sedentary or have heart disease, there may be a fluid build-up in the legs in the day. At night, the fluid can make you urinate more often. Walking can help you relieve that fluid build-up, as can flexing your calf muscles.

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First Published: Nov 03, 2018 09:40 IST

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