Please turn-off: anyone Who thinks too much, has a lower life expectancy

The grey cells again and again to challenge, was for a long time as a hot tip to keep the brain healthy and young – and to ensure in the ideal case, to old age an optimal quality of life.

Think, challenge yourself mentally and to encourage, and if possible, a round of brain teaser can’t hurt, can it was said, on the contrary.

But this assumption draws an American study published in the journal ‘Nature’, is now in doubt.

REST: The magic substance that protects the brain

The Protein REST is according to the study, information on the life expectancy. Brain-tissue samples from 100 deceased were between turned 60 and 100 years old, were analyzed.

It was: people died at a younger age, had a low RESIDUAL value. Ones, the your 100. Birthday achieved, on the other hand indicated a great deal of it.

Scientists to study author Bruce Yankner are convinced, therefore, that a high RESIDUAL ensures that the value of a longer life, because the Protein protects against neuronal Hyperexcitability and diseases such as dementia.

But how is this supposed miracle fabric comes in sufficient quantities in the brain?

More sleep = more REST?

REST dampens the activity and excitability of the grey cells. Who has more of it, tends not, therefore, so much to think marathons like the people whose brain contains less RESIDUAL.

But you can, by the conscious “thinking breaks”, or perhaps through relaxation techniques or Meditation influence?

If you can do something about it, or whether the REST of it reveals just how people are knit – continuous thinking and pondering, or more deeply relaxed, you need to explore for sure.

“It is fascinating that something that is so temporary as the activity state of neural circuits, such far-reaching consequences for the physiology and the life span can have” – quoted by the news magazine ‘Focus’ (issue 40/19) the study author Bruce Yankner.

The development of such drugs could also help to influence over the age of ailments such as dementia positive.

“The idea of being able to REST-enable, and to slow down the aging process in humans, is extremely exciting,” concludes Co-author Monica Colaiácovo.

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