Weight loss: How healthy is the Radical diet in the jungle camp?

The jungle camp requires its candidates a lot. In addition to the renunciation of all the comforts and the well-known creep tests, especially the one-sided meal plan, I’m in the ‘is it a celebrity – Get me out of here!’-Participants to their limits.

From time to time there are supposed Treats such as cockroaches and co., otherwise the jungle-speciality à la carte: rice and beans, especially remains, if the stars fail to appear.

The result: During the Show, the pounds in the case of the candidate, allegedly, up to ten kilos. For some of those wanting to lose weight in front of the TV screens is likely to sound that weight loss is tempting.

The Portal ‘Cosmoty.de’ warns, however, against the dangers of the jungle diet.

The jungle diet of rice and beans – otherwise, (almost) nothing

In the Australian jungle, the Stars are growing fast. No wonder, 70 grams of beans and rice to eat with the exception of the participants in only one day (extra food by won-star). On average, approximately 460 kilos are calories.

For comparison: A Mature woman has low levels of physical activity a daily requirement of approx. 1640 calories, men need about 2000 kilo calories.

However, as the radical reduction in calories affect the body?

It is lack of nutrients and muscle to threaten removal

In the case of low food intake of the hand naturally drops on the scale. But be careful: In the case of a one-sided diet may lack important nutrients to the body. Particularly low intake of protein can have serious consequences.

Average of the days included rations of the Camper in about 20.2 grams of Protein. However, women need approximately 80 men and 103 grams of Protein per day to get the muscles.

The result: Who is on the jungle diet takes it to the muscles. However, these are just for those wanting to lose weight is important. Because even in the resting state, muscles consume energy. And what comes then, the most diet Proven already thinking …

The yo-yo effect, thanks to the jungle diet

In the case of a Radical diet melt the pounds first, to celebrate their unloved Comeback. Of course, the much-dreaded yo-yo effect, even the jungle diet does not have to wait long.

Luna Rossa ‘Cosmoty.de’ explains the phenomenon: “A short-term weight loss success can be achieved with a diet of course. Anyone who takes some time so a few calories, decreases in the normal case. Can’t we recommend the jungle diet, however. As with any Radical diet, the dreaded yo-yo effect threatens also here: The body gets used to the decreased nutrient intake and adapts to it.“

So, stay away from Extreme diets! The best proven method in the fight against the Kilos, the combination of a healthy diet, and Sport.

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