Think of Globules: Why homeopathy helps – but does not affect

Natalie Grams know how serious the discussion of homeopathy is. She was not only threatened once with death and feared the safety of their children. Because it is considered to be the nest beschmutzerin.

For many years, practiced the Doctor in a flourishing homeopathy practice in Heidelberg, and then came her doubt. She tossed the study situation and came to the following realization: “homeopathy has no significant advantage over Placebo.”

For this set a homeopathic remedies manufacturer called least, a failure to be so threatening he seems. Scientifically, the statement is correct.

Globuli no detectable active ingredients

Your dream of a “rapid, gentle, permanent, and safe Cure,” says Grams, was busted. She closed the practice, wants to clear up since then.

It is important to her: “homeopathy can certainly help, but it’s not the ingredients or about ‘information’ in the Globules, which are responsible for it.”

Because in the Globule-sugar globules, probably the most well-known dosage form of homeopathy, is actually nothing more to it.

A common method of drug preparation in homeopathy, the potentiation is. This means nothing else than that the active ingredient is so diluted, until eventually, nothing is undetectable.

In the case of belladonna, this is probably a good thing – in the case of chamomile, however, is rather surprising.

Effectiveness must be demonstrated

For Michaela Geiger, Chairman of the German Central Association of homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ), is not the decisive aspect is the maximum dilutions of the active ingredients in the beads.

“We don’t actually know how they work, but we will see – and have been for 200 years – that they are effective,” she says.

“There’s something we can’t measure yet happened. What is also true for many treatment procedures and medicines in the ‘medicine’, for example Paracetamol.”

Natalie Grams of this kind of mystification. Because efficacy is also without the knowledge of the mechanism of action is undetectable if it is available, as in the case of Paracetamol, and in contrast to the Globules.

The “magic” of homeopathy are based on the extensive initial consultation, she says. Usually it takes at least an hour. Patients talk about their lives and their Concerns. The homeopath listens to, is usually caring, has time and makes a complete picture.

This Form of donation will help, no doubt. In addition, it favors the Placebo effect of a drug significantly. Placebo means that the mere expectation that something will help, it shows an effect.

The work on the mechanisms of Learning, such as “This has helped me, so it will help again”, or through the observation of other in their successful treatment.

The enigmatic Placebo effect

There are factors of success, the medical interview, for example: “Placebo works better, the more doctor contact. The effect is enhanced by empathy and the assumption that the drug will help”, says Placebo researcher Katja Weimer of the University of Ulm.

By the way, a Placebo effect occurs when the Patient knows that in the tablet of no active ingredient, is included. Hard to imagine, but true. Whether consciously or unconsciously, In relation to the Placebo factor is the homeopathy makes a lot of things right.

With the self-healing forces alone homeopathy want followers but do not be fobbed off. Although the science contradicts many people believe – according to Grams observation just academics – to remain steadfast in the pseudo-medical teaching.

Why is this so? “We all want miracles,” said Grams. The have little to do with rationality or intellect. “Just who has a lot of assets in mind, to find the best excuses.”

The limits of homeopathy

Michaela Geiger, which operates a doctor’s office, defends himself against the supposed effect is mainly based on the detailed conversation between homöopathischem doctor and patient.

“If my practice is full, I talk, I have no time for an hour. The effectiveness of the medium in the case of most patients anyway.”

A particularly great success, you see, for example, in the therapy of allergic hay fever. It was clear, however, that “There are limits.”

Every homeopathic doctor examine his patients initially on the basis of a classical medical training and then decide on the individual homeopathic options.

“A broken leg is not treated homeopathically.”

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Homeopathy is not the same as Naturopathy

Of homeopathy, naturopathy to delineate. Sabine Helmer is chief physician for Internal medicine, Oncology and palliative medicine in Krefeld. She uses naturopathy as a Supplement.

This includes applications such as motion therapy, or relaxation techniques, but also herbal drugs. Unlike homeopathics material active ingredients are in these drugs.

Helmer emphasized, however, that not allowed to leave Doctors and patients alone on the so-called complementary medical procedures. They had no Alternative but only a Supplement.

So the Doctor naturopathic methods, for example, uses to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. Or you are prescribed a course of mistletoe therapy, which stimulate white blood cells, and to generally improve are.

Patients who want to have treated their cancer with a naturopathic procedure, advises against them.

However, you ask in such cases is for the patient, why they oppose traditional medicine. Often you’ll see on Fears or bad experiences. And you could talk with the patient.

Time instead of Globules

Speak anyway is a good keyword. Because it is clear, so Natalie Grams, that in medicine today, barely time to talk to the patient. Also, the Doctors usually could not settle. This is something that needs to change urgently.

And: Who would like to continue to take the Globules, should be glad to do that, she says. Only pay the health insurance company is not allowed to it.

“Our statutory health insurance is based on a solidarity system. The money is to be spent should be for demonstrably effective means.”

Would be a good idea, therefore, for example, to improve the Conversation skills of Doctors and to reward the medical interview better, so Grams. Because communication – which definitely works.

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