Talk or Sex?: This is the secret behind a happy relationship

How happy are the Germans with their Partner are, and what is the secret to a working relationship?

This question is a survey of the Dating service Jdate after went, to the approximately 1,000 men and women participated.

The study shows that 42 percent of the Germans to suspend their current relationship is nothing. Especially the 18 – to 29-Year-olds are satisfied with your Partner. Half of them claimed to be in a happy relationship.

Only about seven percent of the respondents are in a non-functioning partnership.

Acceptance and space

What is the recipe for success of a happy relationship is about both women and men are only partly in agreement. Both see the mutual acceptance, and to leave enough free space as the two most important aspects of a functioning partnership.

Women according to the survey, regular communication is important, men perceive willingness to compromise as a necessity in a relationship. To take everyday time for romance, and to accept the environment of the Other, without compromise, to land on the last places.

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Men is Sex more important than women. Almost a third of the male respondents see a fulfilling sex life as crucial for a good partnership. Only 22 percent of women agreed.

Faithfulness in old age are less important

With increasing age, the importance of an active sex life decreases. Less than a quarter of the more than 50-Year-old feels that regular intimate moments as an important part of your relationship.

Also, the theme of Loyalty according to the survey, with the age less relevant. While almost 40 percent of 18 – see to 29-Year-old monogamy as an important part of a happy relationship, agree to the only 30 percent of 50 – to 65-Year-old.

Few consultants Marcus Ernst explains why consistently in a partnership need to be worked on: “at the beginning of a relationship everything is still very strange and the rose-colored glasses makes us about possible weaknesses of the partner to see.

In the course of time, the daily returns, but also in a partnership, and thus the risk to let a relationship become a Routine increases. Exactly then it is important to work together with the Partner in the relationship, so that it is not only permanent, but for both of the lovers are also happy.”

Luisa High Brink

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