Fit and healthy: 5 things you can do in December

1. Daily break

Let’s be honest: How often the supposedly contemplative pre-Christmas period in the Stress goes down? The appointment calendar is bursting at the seams, and To-Do lists seem to never end.

It is even more important that you treat yourself conscious time-outs. This can be a extended bubble bath, a yoga class, a walk or even just ten minutes to read.

Treat the Me-Time just like an advent calendar, and make them to be fixed in the visible part of your everyday life.

2. Wrap gifts sustainably

Zero Waste is the Trend of Christmas gift paper, ribbons, and co. produce a lot of waste.

So your loved one can still be happy on the stress of unpacking, you can rely on the sustainable Packaging options.

  • Gifts in Altapapier take To do this are, for example, old advertising, magazines or discarded books. With comic pages, or Landakrten the Present is the optical eye-catcher.
  • Gifts in sustainable materials in packaging Which could, for example, a metal can, a wooden box or a glass of you to gift packaging umfunktioni in the first place.
  • Gifts in fabric wrapping fabric remnants are ideal for packaging of gifts, alternatively, could you Present also in a pretty cloth wrap, or in a jute bag packing.
  • Gift in a gift So that you care for a double delight: A cook book you could, for example, in an apron wrap, sports shoes in a matching gym bag to hide.

3. A game night host

When it is cold outside, uncomfortable and dark, is not the Motivation, to go in the evening once again from the warm house, particularly high.

The solution: invite your friends to you. Gather a couple of Board or card games, and organized with punch and cookies, a cozy game night.

Whether Monopoly, Ludo or Poker: you have a lots of fun, good conversations and a lot more voltage than in the case of Netflix, or Fifa.

4. Good intentions don’t ignore the

Can you remember your good resolutions for this year? Have you stuck to them? Or have you been slipped in the last corner of your awareness and with new projects for 2020 to be replaced?

Go in you and you call the goals to memory, you have the beginning of the year put.

Even if you’ve thrown your resolutions already langeüber Board, admit to yourself honestly, what it and learn from it. Did you put your goals to high? Then try to put you next year realiti shear requirements.

If you are with your progress, however, was pleased, and then you’ll be stopped by the Christmas markets and Bank holidays for Excess lead. It would be a shame to have the success at the finish line will lose.

Of course you can treat yourself to something and enjoy – don’t overdo it.

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5. Winter vegetables give a new Twist

In December, root vegetables and cabbage are in season. These supply you with any quantity of vitamins and vital substances that support the immune system during the Cold season.

Rose cabbage shines with a high Vitamin C content and anti-bacterial-looking mustard oils, beetroot is full of antioxidants, Kale provides Vitamin A, Cabbage is waiting with Vitamin E.

The winter vegetables is not only healthy, but also versatile in the kitchen can be used. If you’ve held of cabbage due to childhood memories of mushy cooked side dishes so far distance, come in here a few inspirations how you the vitamin bombs are a Twist on the give can.

Recipe: Brussels Sprouts-Parmesan Cheese-Pan

Recipe: celery-Pastinkane-Mashed with balsamic mushrooms

Recipe for: Savoy cabbage-Peso with pistachios

Laura Hindelang

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