Running blog: how was your weekend running?

That was more like it, wasn’t it? Finally, around most of the UK we got to open the curtains to a bit of sunlight, something to make your heart surge rather than sink at the prospect of heading out in your running kit. There was still a bit of a chill in the air to “encourage” a decent pace – perfect.

Did you get a chance to make the most of it? Maybe you went for your first jog after a winter of hibernation, found somewhere scenic for a long run – or stayed holed up with marathon taper madness, tormented by phantom flu symptoms.

Even the pros get ill at the wrong times, although Zersenay Tadese still managed to win the Prague Half while feeling a bit peaky, albeit two minutes slower than his world record. However the weekend went for you, let us know in the comments below.

Nice weather or not, I was dreading my 5m race on Saturday. After a post-marathon winter being ill and moving house, I’ve been trying to commute my way back to fitness (and save money) by biking the 10 miles in to work and running back, but it’s left me feeling tired and hungry almost all the time.

The Victoria Park Open 5, where I’ve been trying and failing to break 30 minutes for five years, is a flat course full of fast runners, and an annual reminder that my winter training ain’t what it should be. So I was all but out with a trundle wheel checking the course wasn’t short when I ran 29min 49sec. Score one for the commute, although it’s not helping my weight or saving me much money. If anyone has any tips to stop me spending the train fare on coffee and biscuits, please do tell.

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