Jillian Michaels Does Squats, Jumping Jacks, And Lifts A Barbell At The Same Damn Time

  • Jillian Michaels posted an insane butt and core workout video on Instagram.
  • The trainer, 45, showed off her strength by jumping, squatting, and lifting a barbell at the same time.
  • Fans immediately flooded her comments to praise her strength and gym skills.

It’s no secret that Jillian Michaels is a beast at the gym. But she might have outdone herself with her latest sweat sesh—targeting her already crazy-toned butt and core—on Instagram.

The 45-year-old personal trainer posted a workoutvideo completing some pretty insane moves. Jillian uses a smith machine and jumps, squats, and lifts the barbell at the same time. “Some fun booty and core moves on the smith to kick the week off 💪🏽,” Jillian captioned her video. That’s just one move from her glute workout. Check out her other creative barbell moves in the clip below.


And of course, fans rushed to the comments to express their disbelief at Jillian’s gym skills. One follower wrote, “oh my god this woman is amazing 😍😍😍.” While another said, “My god, you are so strong…✨✨ makes me realize how out of shape I am… I pulled a muscle just watching that.”

But you don’t need to be too intimidated by Jillian’s post. The trainer also noted that the moves she’s demonstrating in the video are definitely out of the ordinary and directed followers to her other workouts. “Remember – this is insta so this stuff is always more fun and outside the box. For free follow along circuits daily check out my app. Link in bio,” Jillian wrote.


Doing an out-of-the-box workout like this is nothing new to the trainer. Just last month, she did a bunch of squats while standing on an exercise ball, demonstrating the kind of core strength and balance of my dreams.

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