Dry January: So much Alcohol, that alters the body

Those who want to lose a few Kilos, should emphasize alcohol as possible from his diet plan. Champagne, beer, Cocktails and co. not only harm the health of one of the probes of the figure.

Just now in January, many start with good intent, according to the boozy celebration less alcohol days of drinking, into the new Jar. This results in the movement of Dry January – 31 days was not on all alcoholic beverages.

Especially in combination with juices or soft drinks, the enjoyment provides means tons of calories. In addition, alcohol inhibits fat loss and messes with the metabolism.

How much of the body of an giving up alcohol benefits, now shows fitness blogger Jelly Devote on Instagram.

Fitness blogger, shows how alcohol changes the body

The 27-Year-old drank at least three days in the week alcohol – until they grew into their 20s significantly. Then you limited your alcohol consumption, not more than once a week, the Swede having a glass of wine.

Since then, the Submissive not only feel fitter – you can see it also. On Instagram, she shows her Before-and-After comparison:

Too much alcohol is detrimental to the character and health

The blonde changed her entire diet: lots of water, vegetables and fruits instead of alcohol escapades. Also, you started with strength training.

Three to six times a week, the blogger went to the Gym. Within a few weeks the first results, and a defined body showed, firm skin, less body is the reward for your waiver are fat.

“It is simply impossible to have such a high consumption of alcohol, a healthy body,” writes Submissive on Instagram.

This is not to say, of course, that you have to do without for a slim, healthy body completely on alcohol, it comes down to the right level.

Julia Are

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