Constantly Cravings?: Researchers explain why you can’t stop snacking

The constant craving for sweets and the inability to leave it alone, the same in your neurological processes, diseases. So the result of Californian researchers.

According to them, there are Parallels to gambling addiction, drug addiction, and Parkinson’s disease.

Snacking and Addiction – the connection

“We have discovered the Connections in the brain for impulse control,” said brain researcher Scott Kanoski from the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, to the study, which appeared in the journal ‘Nature Communications’.

“The key is a melanin-containing neuropeptide, on which we are focusing.”

MCH (melanin-concentrating hormone) is associated with the appetite for food and the urge for drug use.

In experiments with rats, the researchers saw the difference between impulsive eating as it is for food cravings of the case and other motivations to eat.

Snacking: More is more appealing than more at once

Through the influence of the MCH-value, the rats were stimulated to activate more often a lever that gave them food. It seems to be “more often” even more attractive than “more food”.

This is probably known to many people, can not let the duration to nibble. Blame the lack is not power, but the MCH wants value!

Through brain scans, the researchers gained new insights about the signal transmission within the Hippocampus and its role in emotions, memory, and impulse control. The next step should be the study of the interaction of the reward center, and impulse control.


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