Harvard Professor announces the 5 best Workouts from the new health report

Jogging, Boxing, Jumping, HIIT – the list of Workout Trends expanded constantly. But what are really healthy and effective? A Professor from the prestigious Harvard University in Cambridge, USA, brings clarity.

In his health report "Starting to Exercise" Dr. I-Min Lee recommends five Workouts. These concerns, according to him, not only for a toned and defined physique, but also have a positive impact on health.

And this is Good: they require little preparation and Equipment. In addition, I-Min Lee makes it clear: A half-marathon, you do not need to run to be fit.

Surprise: pelvic floor training for men and women. Totally underestimated, but for strength athletes is a real benefit. Here are the Workout charts of Professor I-Min Lee:

1. Swimming

For the Harvard experts, is the perfect Workout for a Swim. The movement in the water protects the joints and has many Benefits for the health.

It gets the circulation going and can help keep the body weight or to reduce.

Anyone who swims regularly for 30 to 45 minutes, can reduce the risk for depression and stress level. Besides, a great body, are claimed for Swimming almost all of the muscles – Workout so.

2. Strength training

Strength training and High-Intensity-interval-Training (HIIT) tone up the body and bring the heart rate up.

In the case of a regular Workout, the heart of Kraus’s running system and the metabolic benefit increases, you burn even at rest more calories.

It doesn’t matter whether you train on the equipment in the fitness Studio or at home with free Weights such as dumbbells or Kettlebell.

3. Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan short Tai Chi, is a martial art from China. Flowing movements are performed in detail, and alternate with different breathing exercises.

Similar to the Mediation, the Workout relaxation phases are implemented. Professor I-Min Lee, in particular, underlined the benefits of Tai Chi for the older Generation, because: "Balance is an important part of Fitness, and it’s something we lose when we are older."

4. Go for a walk

When you Workout, you do not need to go necessarily to your limits, is the Hardvard-expert for sure. Also long walks or Hiking tours can make the pounds fall off.

Several studies have shown that 30 minutes of regular walking a positive effect on the brain or memory effect. Also, depression could be prevented.

5. Pelvic floor training

Pelvic floor training is not just something for women. Also men benefit from health benefits. The Workout is aimed to train the pelvic floor muscles.

Especially in old age, the muscles around Uterurs, bladder, and the rectum is weaker. The muscle loss begins after the age of 35. Years of age. With special Exercises can counteract this.

And the Workout is not difficult. The expert recommends: 10 Sekeunden Tensing and the muscles in five repetitions Relax, the Whole four to five times a day.


  • Lee, I-Min (2018): Starting to exercise, archived from the original on 28.10.2019 https://www.health.harvard.edu/promotions/harvard-health-publications/starting-to-exercise

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