Jennifer Aniston Reveals The Fitness & Health Secrets Behind Her Ageless Good Looks

Do It For Your Own Good

It may sound strange, but during the initial days of her career, Jennifer was not much focused on healthy eating. Most of the times, her meal had French fries and milkshakes in it, but after realizing that it was not the best thing to do, she started paying attention. While she promotes a healthy diet, she doesn’t support the idea of having a standard body size to define beauty.

Trying Different Workout Routines

The Marley & Me actress likes to include variations in her workouts. During the days she does yoga, she does it in combination with spinning and the other days she exercises at home using her own body weight. For cardio as well, the star uses a mix of different exercises such as cycling, using elliptical and treadmill running – 15 minutes each.

Healthy Food Choices

Jennifer starts her morning with hot lemon water followed by a protein-filled breakfast. While a smoothie is a go-to recipe for the first meal, Jennifer likes to have salad and seared tuna mostly for lunch. Mid-meal snacking (healthy snacking of course) is also a part of her daily routine, like a hard-boiled egg in the morning or a cheese stick in the afternoon.

Keep Changing Your Habits With Time

The Friends cast member emphasizes on changing habits with age which is surely a wise advice given that a 20-year-old body is much different than its 40-year-old version and what worked in your 20s may not be effective later. With time, the body needs better care, and it becomes inevitable to be mindful of everything that goes inside it, she tells.

Staying Hydrated

Well, this one is quite a known fact, but not everybody might follow it. One of the reasons that Jennifer has still maintained a glowing skin and a great body is the habit of drinking ample water.

Maintaining A Balance

Through all these years, the star has learned an important health lesson which is to keep everything in balance. Focusing on health is good, but then it doesn’t mean you have to be on a strict diet always. For Jennifer, it’s about relying on organic foods as much as possible and getting good sleep, but she also allows herself an indulgence from time to time.

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