Tiffiny Hall’s 3 Hour Reset Rule Is A Game Changer For Weight Loss

You’re on a path to health and well being, eating right, exercising regularly and feeling gooooood (which of course are all the benefits from being on my program TIFFXO ?).

Then there is an office birthday and some cake, Marjorie from next door brings you freshly baked scones and you find yourself overly acquainted with the cheese platter at that summer BBQ. Next minute you’re feeling a sense of shame for undoing all of your hard work and careful eating.

Don’t beat yourself up if you think you slip up. Guess what? You’re a person who needs to live their life too. Life isn’t meant to be full of calorie counting and feeling bad ‘cos you enjoyed that muffin. It’s about enjoying life in moderation. This is where my three hour rule comes in, and guess what guys, it applies to EVERYTHING.

Tell me more…

Well, it means all you gotta do is reset your food intake (and your attitude) every three hours. This rule treats every meal as a new event, so if you do slip up and eat that cake, it doesn’t mean the whole day is a write off. After you have allowed yourself to enjoy the treat, it means you reset the day and start fresh. I hear so many tales of people who start on a healthy eating plan, eat that one chocky or biscuit and then assume the day (or week) is over because of a slip up. The all or nothing attitude isn’t sustainable – about diet, exercise or anything else! My three hour rule helps me and my Ninjas stay focussed and balanced. You are allowed to indulge every now and again, but treat the next meal as a separate day and get back on track.

What’s next?

It’s time to get rid of the all or nothing attitude and entwine yourself with my 3 hour reset rule. There are going to be days where you go off plan. Birthdays and weddings are a fun part of life and you shouldn’t have to hide or be scared of them. My 3 hour reset rules gives you time to reset and restart, leaving guilt all the way over there, where it can’t touch you.

Live your life!

If you slip up and enjoy something off plan, that’s okay. For example, you eat a brownie at a girls catch up and feel horrible and terrible after. Brownies are great! Enjoy the cake. Then, after 3 hours you reset and restart the day and it doesn’t mean your whole day (or week or month) is a failure.

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