The great Oregano-mystery: little cheat traders with the spice plant

Why is exported to countries like Turkey very much more Oregano than the producers actually have harvested? One of the largest of oregano producers in the world creates awareness and explains what it has with the great “Oregano-mystery”.

According to Kazim Gurel, CEO of the world’s largest oregano production in Turkey, there are no other product which is more distorted than Oregano, as the "Stern" reported. Every Year about 15,000 tons of Oregano would be exported, but only around 12,000 tonnes of raw material of Oregano can be harvested. "If it still sticks, Branches and stones, is the annual Oregano-production of Turkey 9.000 Tonnen", so Gurel. The difference between harvest and export sum he referred to as the large "Oregano-Mysterium".

A true Oregano, the smell recognizable

Mostly small traders bought the spice plant, with the intention of you leaves with dried leaves, to stretch, for example, from the olive tree. At first glance, the fraud was not discoverable. "Most of our companies get the goods are destemmed delivered, only under the microscope and with tweezers you can see then, how high is the proportion of Oregano and maybe olive leaves ist", so Dirk Radermacher by the Association of the spice industry to "Stern" about the problem. In order to reduce counterfeiting, would be to control the production in the cultivation of land.

Recognize real Oregano leave, also, to the intense smell. It is the best way to store Oregano is also air-tight and whole leaf, could outlast the Aroma for up to two years, says Gurel compared to the "Stern".