Aldi Is Starting Beer & Wine Delivery Just in Time for the Holidays

There’s a lot to love about Aldi, from their freakishly affordable chocolates to their vast array of fun frozen foods and snacks, but one of our fave parts of shopping at the European grocery store is checking out the cheap beer and wine they always have in stock. Well, we’re about to be even more enamored with the brand’s in-house wine and beer, because they’re partnering with Instacart to deliver these boozy goods straight to your door.

If you’ve ever been to brunch and ran out of champagne for mimosas, or found your holiday party guests crushing beers faster than you thought possible and you still have Home Alone 2 on the movie line up for the night, then you know how handy alcohol delivery can be.

Now that Aldi is teaming up with Instacart, you’ll be able to order more beer and wine while your party still rages on, and it can get there before you run out so the fun never stops. One case of Winking Owl wine will set you back a mere $36, and you definitely won’t run out of that in one night (or at least, you definitely shouldn’t).

Even better? You can also get food and grocery items delivered from Aldi now, too. Frozen pizzas, cheddar popcorn, or like, vegetables if you’re feeling fancy (but we know which types of food pair best with a panicked beer and wine delivery, let’s be honest).

You’ll even be able to get free delivery if you’re a first-time customer by using the code ALDIHOLIDAY19 between now and New Year’s Eve.

There is one caveat — not every Aldi store is legally allowed to deliver beer and wine, due to state and local laws. To see if your store is eligible, you can search it’s selection on Instacart or check for more info on your local Aldi.

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