Chrissy Teigen's New Site Is Here & These Are the Recipes We are Dying to Try

Chrissy Teigen has been teasing the launch of her new website, Cravings By Chrissy Teigen, for months now, and yesterday was the day when the site went live. As fans of both of Teigen’s cookbooks, we were excited to take a look at the kinds of recipes she’d feature on the site, and we have to say we’re not disappointed.

The website is split into five main sections: Cravings, Read, Ask, Watch, and Feed. The recipes are found in the Cravings section, and we’ve already bookmarked like 20 of them, and the Read sections features fun articles like “Knife Skills 101,” “Trip to Italy,” and Chrissy’s guides to restaurants in Los Angeles and New York.

But let’s go back to those recipes!

As usual, our favorite recipes by Teigen are those that take a weeknight staple, like chicken and potatoes, and put a flavorful spin on them.

Case in point? Her recipe for  spicy spatchcocked jerk chicken and potatoes, or for Korean-style chicken thighs with rice and veggies.

We also love the way she turns veggies from a side dish you feel obligated to eat into the star of your meal. Recipes like chamomile roasted carrots, miso veggies, and Japanese cucumber salad make us excited to add a few more vegetables to our plate.

Snacks are on the menu, too. We’re literally drooling over her recipe for three-cheese lobster artichoke dip (perfect for holiday parties), Caesar shishito peppers, and quick, thick meat sauce and spicy oven fries. Looks like we’ll be skipping those heat and eat frozen appetizers the next time we have guests over!

There’s more to come, too. Teigen promises that her guide to the ultimate holiday table will be live next week.

We’re excited to see where Cravings by Chrissy Teigen goes as it continues to evolve, but if we can expect the same level of flavorful recipes, fun foodie guides, and charming insights into Teigen’s personal life, then we have a feeling this is going to become one of our fave new websites.

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