Nutella Is Celebrating Pancake Day in the Most Adorable Way

If your plans for Pancake Tuesday, the Christian holiday before Ash Wednesday where you eat a bunch of pancakes to make up for everything you’re giving up for Lent in the following weeks, don’t extend past maybe heading to your local IHOP, have we got news for you.

Nutella wants to make sure that everyone’s Pancake Tuesday is as cute as can be, so they’ve released a series of graphics and video tutorials showing us all how to transform those boring beige rounds of breakfast bread into something totally adorable using Nutella: baby animals! Nothing says “good morning!” or “I’m so excited to give up carbs for Lent” like gorging on the doughy face of a Nutella-spread baby lion pancake, right?

All you have to do is acquire a few pancakes (we won’t tell if they’re take-out, boxed, or frozen!), cut them just-so, and spread them with silky chocolate-hazelnut Nutella to bring the creatures to life.

We’re especially partial to (Flap) Jack the Fox and Cate the Caterpillar.

Now, if you somehow don’t already have a gallon-sized tub of Nutella taking up 90% of the space in your pantry, there’s even better news.

If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can use something called Send Me a Sample to get a free Nutella sample sent to your house. Literally, all you have to do is tell your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant “send me a sample of Nutella,” and a few days later your wish will be granted. If only everything in life were so easy (and delicious!).

Not sure you can wait that long for your Nutella sample to arrive? You can always try making your own chocolate-hazelnut spread…perhaps one that’s enriched with cannabis. And if the thought of eating a caterpillar (even one made of pancakes) skeeves you out, check out some of these fantastic pancake recipes you can celebrate with instead.

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