Camila Coelho Is Launching a Lipstick Collection With Lancôme and She Told Us ALL About It

The true — and improbable — tale behind Brazilian-born superblogger Camila Coelho’s lipstick collection for Lancôme.

When you have 7.3 million followers on Instagram alone, one of the most incredible closets on planet earth, and, speaking of which, a passport that's probably on its last stitch because you're never not jetting between the south of France, Colombia, Bermuda, and your shockingly-relatable home base in Boston, Massachusetts, what could possibly be left on your bucket list? Collaborate with Lancôme on your very own line of buttery-creamy and impressively matte lipsticks, of course. Coelho, a Brazilian-born blogger (who is, by the way, as warm and sincere as she is beautiful), teamed up with Lancôme to create L'Absolu Rouge, a collection of ten lipsticks (neutrals, reds, browns, corals, pinks) that range from brooding to bright. And then there's the packaging — each bullet is adorably shaped like a pair of lips, and the case is a fiery red with gold accents. All the better for Instagram, naturally. The limited-edition collection will be available this month at Sephora and Coelho gave Allure an exclusive look at the making of her career — and the lipsticks — for our September 2018 Lip's Guide:

"When I was six years old, I took my first passport photo — with red lipstick on. My grandmother had given it to me. She was the one who let me put red lipstick on for the first time. My hair had been lightened by the sun because we lived in Brazil, so I had short blonde hair and red lips. In high school, my family and I moved from my Brazilian hometown, Virginópolis, to Scranton, Pennsylvania. I was an honor roll student, but instead of going to college after I graduated, I got a job at the Macy’s Dior counter selling makeup. My mother was upset, but I told her not to worry, that I would make her proud. Then I found YouTube. It started as a hobby, of course making beauty tutorials on YouTube wasn’t a job eight years ago. I would do crazy-colorful eye makeup, contoured lips. I would try anything. I think that’s why I stood out.

People started watching and giving feedback. So I created a blog. In the first 12 days, I had 120,000 visitors, and it just grew from there. [Coelho now has 8.5 million followers between YouTube and Instagram.] Today, my mom is so proud. Her best moment yet, she says, is that I’m launching 10 lipsticks with Lancôme this month. She’s so obsessed with the brand — she wore [the perfume] Trésor when I was growing up.

I’ve never been more excited than when Lancôme suggested we create lipsticks together. They see me as a lipstick girl, and I am — it’s the one thing I cannot live
without. Going to their lab in Paris and seeing how everything gets done, choosing my own shades — it was so much fun. I spent a full day at the lab with makeup
artist Lisa Eldridge just choosing shades. I knew I wanted them to be matte but hydrating. I wanted a statement red [Rouge Empire], at least two nudes [Last Minute and Parisian Nude], and a fuchsia with cool undertones, because you can’t find that kind of pink just anywhere. I created a unique magenta [Tropical Pink] that’s so beautiful on olive and darker skin tones. It’s the type of pink I’ve worn forever."

The Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge x Camila Coelho lipsticks will be available to order online at and beginning August 28th, and will hit shelves starting September 7th.

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