Dior's New Liquid Lip Liners Are All I'm Going to Be Wearing This Fall

When we got word from the Dior team that the beauty branch of the brand will be launching a new lipstick collection called Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge, the excitement in the office was palpable. Everywhere you looked, Allure editors were trying on samples of the highly pigmented semi-matte formula, loving the comfortable feel as much as the vibrant colors. But then we saw, farther down in the press release and the box alike, 12 shades of another kind of lip color — and that's when we realized Dior had buried the lede in every possible way. It's also launching liquid lip liner.

Rouge Dior Ink Liner is touted as "the first liquid lipstick in a couture pen." It may remind you of CoverGirl's Outlast Lipstain or the no-longer-in-existence Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain, except this especially-sophisticated formula is more pen than marker, thin enough to be mistaken for your favorite felt-tip liquid eyeliner. That narrowness allows you to define your lip border with great accuracy, but you can also use the side to fully fill in your lips with matte stain that promises to last up to 12 hours.

Allure Digital Beauty Editor Sable Yong did both with the shade 986.

In addition to 986, the dozen Rouge Dior Ink Liner colors include #028 Actrice (a peachy coral), #325 Tender (a rosy brick), #434 Promenade (a mid-tone pink), #743 Rouge Zinnia (a rosy wine), #770 Love (a deep pink), #843 Crave (a dark brown-red), #789 (a purple-y berry) #851 Shock (a dark wine), #962 Poison (a deep plum), #777 Star (a flame orange), and #999 (an orange-red). Although Allure Digital Deputy Beauty Director Sophia Panych says they're awesome on their own, she also tried layering one of the similar shades of Dior Ultra Rouge lipstick over it for more intensity and color that would last after the lipstick fades.

And speaking of the Dior Ultra Rouge lipsticks, they deserve at least a paragraph of their own. Designed by Dior Makeup's creative and image director, Peter Philips, "the formula acts as an overprint, like an ink tattooing the lips and like an extremely weightless colored film," he said in a statement. This, Philips explains, enabled him to develop 26 new, highly-saturated shades that run the gamut from reds and pinks to browns and mauves, and even a bold black called Ultra Night 47.

Rounding out the launches will be four Vernis Ultra Rouge nail polishes, all of which correspond with four of the Rouge Dior Ink Liner shades, so you can match your lips to your manicure.

Rouge Dior Ink Liner, Dior Ultra Rouge lipstick, and Vernis Ultra Rouge nail polish will all be available in September on dior.com for $32, $37, and $28 respectively.

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