Watch Cardi B's Best Beauty Looks, Explained by Her Makeup Artist Erika La' Pearl

While Cardi B is clearly a celeb who's never afraid to go makeup-free, she's also someone who slays bold makeup looks on the regular with the help of her amazing makeup artist, Erika La' Pearl. The duo, who have worked with one other since Cardi's days on Love and Hip Hop: New York, make an excellent team and have created countless show-stopping makeup moments together over the years. With the rapper at the height of fame right now, we had the pleasure of sitting down with La' Pearl, who walked us through some of Cardi's most covetable beauty looks.

Starting off with a bang, La' Pearl delves into how she made up Cardi's face for her first Met Gala red carpet last month. La' Pearl says she was forced to whip out a professional hack, as she only had glosses in her kit that day and Cardi wanted an "extra matte" lip for the occasion. "I like to take some setting powder and blot it and then it'll matte it out, and it'll last the whole day." For the eyes, she used purple eyeliner to complement the purple jewels in Cardi's ornate headpiece.

Another pro tip from La' Pearl: Apparently Cardi tends to cock her brows a lot, so the Atlanta-based MUA says she applies shadow under her brow bone so that "when she lifts her brows, it falls into place."

La' Pearl then shows us how she did the rapper's makeup for her memorable post-pregnancy reveal appearance co-hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "It looked so good on camera, it was crazy," she says, before informing us that her ring light had broke that day, so she did Cardi's makeup "laying down with no light." Sounds scary, right? Not for La' Pearl. "I really wanted her eyes to be elongated to the gods cause I knew that she was going to transform into her performance look," she says, before explaining that she went for bold brow and next-level lashes.

Next, La'Pearl breaks down Cardi's Coachella weekend two performance look in which she memorably showed off a daring blue smoky eye. La' Pearl reveals that after she couldn't place the neutral shade she usually uses on the "Invasion of Privacy" rapper's eyes, she instead reached for a creamy blue primer that she applied before adding a layer of blue shadow to amp things up. "This is the day that she started liking colors," she shares, which led her to Cardi's "I Like It" video shoot look.

"This look actually took me three hours to do, I'm not gonna lie, " La' Pearl admits, "Because I was trying to get it perfect." It turns out, perfection involves using lipstick as eye makeup, she revealed, about Cardi's hot pink smoky eye for the "I Like It" music video look.

Want more wisdom from La' Pearl? Tune into the full video, where she breaks down more of Cardi B's best beauty moments.

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