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Oily skin is primarily an aesthetic Problem, in the second instance, but also a health risk: Due to the excessive production of sebum an oily skin, so that the pores to clog and blemishes to the skin are favored. As if this wasn’t annoying enough, need to beat the Affected with pimples and blackheads around the sprout in the face, shoulder and back increased. But why some people tend actually to oily skin, why but the sebaceous glands secrete too much lubricants and – more importantly – how can you improve the appearance of the skin permanently? The star is the questions gone to the bottom.

What causes oily skin? These are the causes

Normally, the sebaceous glands produce one to two grams of body fat, in professional Sebum circles called. If this amount is exceeded, however, clog up the pores and dilate, the sebum can no longer drain properly and there is a oily Film on the surface of the skin. In addition, bacteria can spread to the surface faster and thus trigger inflammation, the skin impurities such as blackheads and pimples favour. But, as it ever comes to such Overproduction? Among the most common causes for oily skin with large pores can be hereditary, Stress, incorrect (lack of)nutrition in diseases of the ovaries, Parkinson’s disease and excessive alcohol consumption. But also the regular intake of drugs, for example hormone preparations can influence the production of sebum.

In most cases, our own hormones but for oily skin – more specifically, the male sex hormones are known as androgens. Also of a woman’s body produces this hormone so that both sexes know equally the Problem. Due to the excessive androgen production Teenage suffering, especially in the puberty under an oily skin combined with pimples, blackheads or acne, but adults can also be affected just as much. In particular, women, when their hormone production changes, for example due to pregnancy, Discontinuation of the anti-baby-pill, or just before your Menstruation. Thus, you are immune at any age before that, to get an oily skin. The positive news, however: There are many effective methods, how you can improve your skin clear and blemishes on the skin can reduce.

How to clean and care for oily skin right

To get rid of clogged pores, you need to clean your face regularly

1. Cleaning

In the face oily skin occurs mostly in the so-called T-Zone, i.e. forehead, on the nose and on the chin. This is mainly due to the fact that in these areas more sebaceous glands than, for example, on the cheeks. But also the scalp, back and shoulders can produce a lot of sebum thus, oily appear. The more important it is to clean the affected areas properly and maintain. The best every Morning and every evening: commercially available Soaps and creams, however, are the wrong choice, as they worsen the symptoms mostly just. You prefer gentle cleansers, with which you can clean your oily skin on a regular basis to liberate the clogged pores from excessive sebum. For the face a non-greasy cleansing gel (PH is recommended-neutral), gentle peels with salicylic acid (Important: Only a maximum of twice a week to remove dead skin flakes) or a mild cleaning foam.

Furthermore, it is suitable for Cleaning oily skin healing earth in the Form of a facial mask to shrink in the first line of large pores that are dilated due to the excessive production of sebum. And also a face water can remedy the situation, especially if it contains alcohol (i.e., Ethanol) and, therefore, a disinfecting effect on the skin. And last but not least, a gentle cleansing milk is recommended, however, you should make sure to use only a fat-absorbing properties. Keep in mind, however, is to degrease your skin too often – otherwise you risk the natural acid to destroy the protective sheath, so that the sebaceous glands in turn produce more fat to compensate for the loss. This would not sense of the thing.

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Even oily skin needs some care to maintain the natural protective mantle

2. Care

After cleaning, the care comes – because even oily skin needs moisture. Make sure when using day and night creams, in any case, the fact that the products are non-greasy, but moisturizing properties. Here, too, there are special care products for oily skin, reduce the sebum flow, and the typical oily Shine to minimize. In the daily use of cosmetics, they should not, however, necessarily includes the words “non-comedogenic” on the packaging. With “comedogenic” refers to specific ingredients, whom is said, they would clog the pores. And of course that is the last thing you want when you put on makeup.

Have you noticed that your skin shines in the lunch time and late in the evening less? This is sometimes due to the fact that your sebaceous glands are distributed throughout the day differently, work hard – that is why it is advisable to put on oil-free Make-up with matte pigments, the excess fat on the skin binds. Apply the product only after a thorough cleaning on your face and you can avoid it, several times to powder, otherwise the powder mixes with the sebum or the oily Shine and in turn provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which skin blemishes such as pimples and blackheads favor.

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These foods support a healthy skin

Healthy foods also contribute to a healthy skin

As at the beginning already mentioned, so does our diet impact on the skin. Just then, if you suffer from oily skin, it is advisable to especially fat, salt, or to avoid sugary food because they promote the production of sebum. You pay attention to a balanced diet, more fresh fruits and vegetables and less animal products such as red meat, milk, Butter and cheese because they are rich in saturated fatty acids. In addition to the healthy diet it is also beneficial if you drink over the day a lot of water spread sufficiently (without taste). Recommended are those foods that are rich in Vitamin A or zinc, such as, for example:

These natural home remedies to help against oily skin

In virtually every household natural ingredients that can help you to remove the oily Shine found. These include lemon juice The acid contained in it not only kills germs, but also ensures that large pores together. You have to mix just a teaspoon of juice with half a spoon of water, hold a cotton pad in the liquid and DAB to your skin. Let the solution for ten minutes before you wash off with lukewarm water.

Apple cider vinegar is also a natural home remedy that is suitable not only for the hair well, but also against oily skin can be used. Fill an ordinary Cup to a quarter with the vinegar and add three quarters of water. Here, too, as for the lemon juice, DAB your skin with the tincture, let them ten minutes to move and wash them afterwards. To avoid waste, it is recommended for regular use, reusable cleaning pads. More on this here.

Also natural yogurt can be used against fat Shine – it works like a natural Peeling of the skin: The lactic acid in the product, the fat literally from the pores and neutralized on top of that also the PH-value. Take yogurt for this purpose, only a tablespoon and spread it in the face (mouth and eye areas, avoiding). Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it afterwards with warm water. The rest of the yogurt you can eat or the next day to use.

Even cucumbers can help to combat oily skin. You can cut this to just two slices and RUB the juice shortly before bedtime on your face and leave it overnight in the skin interact. The cucumber contained substances (Magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin A) have an antioxidant effect and reduce the size of the pores, so that less sebum can escape. The effect is the same as with the lemon juice, only the method is gentle, so you don’t have to wash the cucumber essence again.

And one more good news is that Oily skin is unpleasant, but it also has an advantage over normal skin by the Overproduction of sebum your face against external aggressions such as cold, heat, and UV protected-rays. This in turn means that your skin is no longer taut and, with increasing age, longer wrinkle-free.

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