Natural Look: Are tinted day creams a good Alternative to Make-up?

With age, the skin needs more moisture to stay elastic and fresh-looking. The Application of a day cream belongs therefore at the latest from mid 20’s to the daily care ritual. The same applies for Make-up, as soon as the moisturizer is absorbed, it serves as an ideal basis for the Application of a Foundation. This ensures an even complexion and hides small pimples and redness. Moisturiser and Make-up are now available in convenient 2-in-1 products. Tinted day creams, the moisturizing properties of care, as well as the ceiling to combine the properties of a Foundation in one product. Product names such as “BB-Cream or CC-Cream” are two of the four types of tinted day creams. What you need to know about the application and the differences of the products, read here.

Tinted day cream: How well do you cover?

Who is accustomed to the use of more opaque Foundation, is sure to notice a difference in the opacity of tinted day cream. The cream contains much less pigment and is therefore suitable only conditionally for Covering pimples, blackheads or redness of the skin. An equivalent effect will not be achieved, but if you want to bring a fresh complexion in the Morning and want to save time, is tinted day cream is the right choice.

CC, BB, DD or EE Cream?

The abbreviations of the different tinted day creams sound a bit strange at first. Behind the English terms that describe the properties of the creams hide. What is the difference and which cream is suitable for your skin type

BB Cream

BB-Cream is the most famous tinted day cream. The acronym stands for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”, which can be translated as a covering balm. Whether you have normal, dry, blemished or combination skin, the cream is suitable for different skin types. Was invented the “Blemish Balm” by the German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek. The idea behind it was to develop a cream that irritated skin on the face nourishes to medical interventions, it protects from the sun as well as redness can be concealed, which were caused by the intervention.

What is the difference between BB and CC Cream?

The difference of the two toned day creams can be shown in the name: BB Cream (“Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”) is intended to cover small blemishes and CC creams (“Colour Correction”) to correct for small (color)irregularities.

CC Cream

CC Cream is the same as already described for the English term “Colour Correction” and is primarily used for colour correction. This applies, for example, redness in the face, which can be compensated for by products with a slight green tint and less red. Patients suffering from the common skin disease rosacea, use such products frequently. In addition, the CC Cream provides the skin with moisture and conceals skin redness and pigmentation spots.

DD Cream

DD Cream is also an acronym and stands for “Diminish and Disguise” or “Daily Defense” cream. Freely translated, this means as much as a daily protection. The cream is to provide because they in addition to the classical properties of a tinted day cream, namely the skin with moisture and to act as a light Make-up, additional ingredients it contains. Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and polyphenols to protect the skin from oxidative Stress, radiation and other external environmental factors is ultraviolet,. In addition, the tinted care will help with regular use, active against the first signs of skin aging and small wrinkles plump up.


EE-Cream means “Even Effect” and the skin more even make. The cream is suitable for Mature skin that requires more moisture, and the first pigment stains. The cream should be able to lighten stains and reduce the complexion. The Mix of soothing, protective and nourishing active ingredients to leave the skin in the long term, more radiant and even. Light-reflecting particles and color-balancing pigments to neutralize in addition to redness.

Tinted day cream is bad for the skin?

In comparison to the Make-up is a tinted day cream contains less pigments and more nourishing ingredients. However, the pigments can penetrate deeper in the skin and in this way, the pores quickly become clogged. Anyway, the daily facial is recommended for cleaning. Who uses a tinted day cream, this should not neglect but, in any case. A combination of cleansing oil and foam, as it is in the Korean Skin Care Routine is usual is for a thorough cleaning. In this way, you remove a deep-pore Make-up remnants and dirt.

Tinted day cream is a good Alternative to Make-up?

Yes, the tinted day cream is a practical Alternative to the classic Make-up, because the product combines two steps in one, thus saving time and even money. However, users need to know that the toned day creams, whether BB, CC, DD or EE Cream less opaque than, for example, Foundation. In addition, the color pigments to penetrate deeper into the skin, so a thorough facial cleansing is recommended.

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