UV-protection in leave: questions & answers

Whether at sea, in the city or in the mountains: In the holiday, you should the skin from UV rays schüsupport. Tips für a trip without a sunburn

Who in the summer the nature genießt, should be well gerüstet be with a sun hat and sun cream

Is the sea important?

The UV-radiation is there stästronger than, for example, in the city. The reason is that the reflection of the water and the bright Sand. Also, when Swimming you may untersch&auml the sun;support: 60 percent of the UV-B and 85 per cent of UV-A rays penetrate up to 50 centimetres under the Wasser­oberfläche and act as wüauthorities, we are in the blazing sun. Therefore, water-resistant creams ver­.

However, even for these products, the protection effect is lost while bathing and Drying. "After that, the best eincremen&quot new;, rät Sabine Supp, a pharmacist from Auerbach. Important to know: The Re-renewed the protection, verlänot extended him.

What should I be aware of the creams?

Ideal creams way Bade­mermaids already in the hotel room. First, because of the sun protection can develop its full strength until it is at the beach or Pool. Secondly, because it is usually too little aufträgt, if one is using the cream too close to the Bikini or the T-Shirt come köcould. But it is precisely in the edge areas of häburns frequently. Also under the bathing suit sorgf&auml: ;carefully apply lotion, because you häoften not UV-proof.

The &quot should;Sonnen­terrassen" geschüto be protected, so the Points on which the light impinges directly: Fußrücover, knee, Dekolleté, Shoulders, forehead, nose and – the tips of ears. "You are one of the hämost common Places für bright Hautkrebs", the K&ouml says;lner dermatologist Dr. Ina Hadshiew. Stand with short hair or ponytail stäresistant to UV-attack and forget the Lotion often.

How much sun cream will I need?

Fact The most take to &shy is: ;little. Thus, creams, or Sprays to unfold their full light protection, according to the international Standard as the optimal dose: two Milli­grams per Qua­dratzentimeter skin. This corresponds to about 200 milliliters of sunscreen per Person, per week of vacation. And many manufacturers recommend you Wear on each ­Köthe body region, a thick strand protection from the sun, measured from the tip of the middle finger down to the wrist.

Für Sprays: 15 Sprühstöße per Region. Sprühen alone genügt üby the way, not to lücover to have protection. The Lotion must zusäaddition to well with the Hand will be distributed.

Genüa shield gt as a protection?

No, because screens are usually not UV-proof. "Also from the pages of the sun light is reflected. Who are not careful, has quickly verbrannt", Dermatologist Hadshiew warns. Rates of the experts, however, prefer a Plälooking for kitten in the shadows. However, you should therefore not lower UV-Schutz­filter wämiss. Around 40 per cent of the radiation in the skin.

Also clouds schüappreciate üby the way, hardly. Up to 90 percent of the rays penetrate. Even those who already gebräunt is, should maintain a high Filter. Ärztin Hadshiew: "Many are on the last day of careless. They believe that so shortly before the departure &ndash happens; and then come with solar fire."

What is UV protective clothing?

Different views exist. Most useful ­these materials appear well in the water, such as when snorkeling. It is best to buy have the function of clothing in sports, or surfing equipment, then it is usually zusäaddition to breathable and quick-drying.

What I draw when Stätrip?

The more, the better. Dress with Spaghettiträlike to protection in terms of sun nothing. Instead, cover your shoulders, perhaps even long Ärmel wämiss, if you läthe Viking is on the way. An Alternative: große, light Tücher, if necessary üabout the shoulder.

What is the UV protection I need when Sightseeing? 

Always a sun protection factor of 50, rät Dermatologist Hadshiew. And plenty of it. "If you only dünn creams, even a light protection from – instead of a factor of 50, you might still 25", according to the expert. 

Factor 50 heißt: can be 50 times läVikings stay in the sun, as it allowed the self-protection of the skin. Sounds zunäfirst of all, a lot, but abhädepending on skin type and UV-Intensität. Who is very light skin, and after füfive minutes of red, with light protection factor of 50 to approximately 250 minutes of protection, so the four hours. Dermatologists advise to explore this Limit, only two-thirds.

Üby the way: Worried about a yellow Verfärbungen on weißen T-Shirt or bright dress has become the most unnötig. Increasingly more sun creams are easy to wash and do not stain.

How do I combine sun protection and Make-up?

Sun care as a basic protection to apply, best in the morning. Who is a suitable product für his skin condition wählt, can according to Dermatologist Hadshiew on the üusual day cream without. Darüabout the Make-up. Foundation with SPF alone is not enough. Häoften verfügt only über SPF 20 to 30 and also offers no ­zusä- UV-A-protection. Außerdem Make-up is usually not at all ­­Thick applied.

Why is mountain sun gefäa year? 

"The höhere you go, the more intense the Sonneneinstrahlung", Dermatologist Hadshiew says. Per 1000 Högain rises by approximately 20 percent. This is also true in case of fog or bewölktem sky. Hadshiew: "Many of the concerns that you are in mountainous places, and already on a mountain." ­­Davos, for example, lies at 1600 meters HöHey.

Recommended water-resistant sun protection. Hiking and mountain Biking to sweat and wipes his forehead. Hadshiew rät all Bergfexen also: früh go to the sun’s intense midday hours between 11 am and 15 PM in the shadow of the Hütte can spend.

What should I look out for?

Quickly get a sunburn, get the neck, head and ears. A wide-brimmed head covering protects those areas. Außerdem on the mountain gefährdet: neck and chest in open shirt, the calves in highly rolled-up sleeves or short pants, as well as Hähands and forearms! Pharmacist Supp rät in addition, the lips with a balm with UV-Filter to schüsupport.

The sun hurts my eyes?

"You never have to go without sunglasses in the mountains, UV-A radiation schädamaged the Linse", Haut&auml says;rztin Hadshiew. Also, the binding of the sun can get skin brand. Then, when the eyes tränen, the doctor will prescribe cortisone-containing drops. The sunglasses should offer a full protection against incident radiation – also from the side. Such models with high Tövoltage there is at the optician or at the Outdoor Fachgeschäft. 

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