Tracee Ellis Ross Just Shared A Bunch Of Bikini Pics To Celebrate Her 47th Birthday

  • Tracee Ellis Ross just celebrated her 47th birthday by posting a bunch of bikini pics to Instagram.
  • She looks super fit in each picture, all of which are unfiltered and unretouched, according to Tracee.
  • The Black-ish star works out three to four times a week and hydrates a ton.

Tracee Ellis Ross is having a very happy 47th birthday, complete with a whole slew of bikini pics. The Black-ish actress looks crazy fit in the series of bathing suit photos shared to her Instagram. Best part? She knows it. “

“I LOVE getting older and I LOVE my life,” Tracee captioned the photo series.”I’m so grateful to be living this life I’m in. I’ve worked so hard to feel good in my skin and to build a life that truly matches me and I’m in it and it feels good. I remain curious and teachable and so it will all keep getting better.”

“No filter, no retouch 47 year old thirst trap! Boom!” she concluded her caption, dropping the Insta mic.

So, how does Tracee stay in such amazing shape? Well, she works out three or four times a week and only eats foods that make her feel good afterwards, according to Health. She also hydrates, drinking about four liters of water per day, People reported.

As for her specific exercises, Tracee prefers sweating it out in a fitness class to cardio machines. “I have to say that Tracy Anderson’s workout the last five years has been really good for me,” she told Health in 2017. “I find that, as adults, we stay so regimented in our movement, even if we get on a treadmill. The music changes all the patterns, and my body gets to move freely, so you feel amazing—which is ultimately the point of the workouts, too.”

The other reason she loves workout classes is the camaraderie and body positivity in the room, especially among older women. “One of the things that’s most encouraging is you see a roomful of women working their asses off and looking beautiful,” she said. “You see women in their 40s wearing jog bras and their stomachs out proudly, walking in a stance that says, ‘I love my body,’ and that’s exciting to me.”

Hbd, Tracee!

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