Naomi Campbell, 49, Just Posted A Video Of Her Crazy-Intense Workout On Instagram

  • At 49, supermodel Naomi Campbell just showed off her toned body in an intense workout video on Instagram.
  • Naomi did multiple exercises, Naomi exercised on a vertical climber, squatted with a weighted bar, and ran on a self-propelled treadmill.
  • The supermodel said that, when it comes to exercising, she needs to “keep doing different things.”

Naomi Campbell doesn’t play around when it comes to her workouts. The 49-year-old supermodel just posted a montage of one of her sweat seshes to Instagram, and it’s clear she takes working out super seriously. (Oh, and it shows.)

“#MondayMotivation my loves ♥️ Go get this week 👏🏾 @chasenfitness,” she captioned her post.

In the Instagram video, Naomi put in work on a vertical climber before squatting with a weighted bar over her shoulders. Then, she gets in on some dumbbell action for her shoulders and rows followed by battle ropes and rows on a functional trainer. She ends the video running on a self-propelled treadmill. (PHEW, I’m tired just watching her go.)

While Naomi showed off her super toned bod in the video, she also name-dropped her trainer, Chase Weber. He also posted the same video on his IG, with the caption: “When @naomi works.. SHE WORKS!✊🏽 #333 shout out to @bxrlondon for having me #mondaymotivation #fitness.”

This definitely isn’t the first time Naomi’s posted about her workouts on the ‘gram. Naomi is always mixing it up when it comes to her workouts and trainers. She’s previously trained with celebrity trainer Joe Holder, creator of the Ocho System, a holistic fitness philosophy.

“I need to keep doing different things, and I have a great trainer called Joe that I love working out with. I also work out here at [London gym] BXR, and kind of a community of trainers that come under Joe that…work with me around the world when I travel, so I get to keep it up,” she said in a recent interview. And she also noted that she enjoys exercising because “it’s good for your mind.”

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