You Need To See The Bikini Pic Ellie Goulding Just Posted On Instagram

  • Ellie Goulding just posted a bikini photo on Instagram.
  • In the photo, she looks super relaxed and her abs look toned and fab-u-lous.
  • Last year, the singer told Women’s Health that she loves sweating at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Some days (OK, most days), there’s nothing I’d rather do than lay around catching some rays and avoiding all forms of responsibility. Which is why I can totally get on board with what Ellie Goulding is putting down in her latest Instagram post. The “Burn” singer just posted a bikini photo to her feed, and it looks like she’s living her best life.

“🤙🏼 #bikini, #LA, #supposedtobeAtwork #StoodUp,” she captioned it.

We’re not sure who would ever stand up this total bombshell, but she deserves a little time to relax and unwind just like the rest of us!

🤙🏼 #bikini #LA #supposedtobeAtwork #StoodUp

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Can we also just touch on how fantastic (and strong!) she looks in that suit? Ellie shared some details about how she stays in such great shape with Women’s Health UK last year, confessing that she’s big into Barry’s Bootcamp and loves a good run now and again.

“I’m more of a burst girl than sustained,” she said. “I like it when the treadmill’s on dynamic and I do sprints. I also prefer using my own body as weight, so press-ups, mountain climbers and burpees.”

If you’re not familiar with “dynamic”—that’s when the treadmill’s motor is completely off and users propel the belt with their legs alone. In other words, Ellie is totally hardcore. Enjoy the R&R, Lady, and don’t forget to slather on that SPF.

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