Tracee Ellis Ross' Butt Looks So Toned In A New Workout Instagram Video

  • Tracee Ellis Ross turned 47 years old earlier this month and celebrated with a series of super toned bikini pics.
  • But the actress just took to IG to tell followers that she’s also human and takes a break from working out.
  • “Life is in progress and sometimes that means stopping your routine,” she captioned the video.

It’s no secret that Tracee Ellis Ross is crazy fit. Last week, on her 47th birthday, she posted a series of unretouched bikini photos that shook the internet. But just yesterday, the Black-ish star opened up to her followers on Instagram about how she falls off her exercise routine sometimes.

In her video, Tracee is wearing a pair of skintight snake print leggings (need!) while she confesses to her followers that she hasn’t been hitting the gym as often as she usually does. “I have not been able to workout as regularly as I like for the last two months. I lost a lot of strength. I’m trying to be really gentle with myself, ” Tracee says in the video.

While Tracee says she’s not as strong as she used to be, by the end of the workout video, it certainly looks like she’s keeping up with those butt and leg exercises just fine. And Tracee’s booty already looks super toned, so whatever she’s doing (or not doing) still seems to be working for her.

The actress has been pretty busy, considering the recent launch of her Pattern Beauty hair care line. She also cites her crazy schedule for why she’s taken a break from her three to four times a week workouts in the video. “I’ve tried to choose sleep over working out which I think is the right choice,” she says. (Same, Tracee!)

The celeb also captioned the video with the same sentiment: “Life is in progress and sometimes that means stopping your routine. And that’s ok. Just as long as you are gentle with yourself and find a way to start again! And have a little fun with it :)”

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