The Fitness Program That Helped These Women Lose 17Kgs In 28 days

Each time FitazFK announce the winners of their 28-day challenge, we are completely blown away by the results. But in the case of Evanthia Caripidis and Ellen Hanlon-Caripidis, these body transformations have to be seen to be believed.

The pair took out the top spot losing a combined 17kgs and 19cms over the four-week period. And it’s all thanks to the program’s functional approach to nutrition and fitness.

“After having my second baby I thought it wasn’t possible to get back into shape and finding the time and motivation was starting to become near impossible!” Evanthia shared on Instagram.

“But after completing this challenge with none other than my sister-in-law Elle who mentioned this challenge in the first place I now have the tools and motivation to keep going on my #sexyback journey!”

The concept behind FitazFk is simple: workouts that involve a series of exercises performed every minute on the minute for a total of 28 minutes. It’s this, along with a detailed food plan created by the program’s in-house nutritionist that Ellen credits to her weight loss success.

“We feel amazing, we look amazing, we are stronger, fitter and healthier and we did it together!” she captioned one before-and-after snap. 

“This doesn’t end here, we are going to continue this journey. Thanks @fitazfk! Your program was amazing and we can’t recommend it enough! Here’s to a new us!”

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